Monday, June 29, 2009

All decked out: vintage campers

Soundtrack for today's post: The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs (thanks, Diane!)

Wanted to share with you the latest wave in antique dealer chic -- coming to do the show towing your adorable, decked out vintage trailer. After setting up your space, you can retreat to all the comforts of home -- retro home, that is -- to relax in style until the show opens.

At the Allegan Antique Market, our friend Peggy's trailer is much like her lovely booth --
barkcloth, florals and all things Rachel Ashwell. So yummy you want to sink your teeth in.

This little cutie hailed from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and was totally retro inside. The owners said it had taken them several winters to restore. They pull it with a to-die-for matching pickup!

We overheard one lady saying she had just purchased her own trailer, nick-named "Saucy," and was cruising the market for vintage finds to start her renovation. She had just purchased some killer pink/green/yellow linoleum from our friend Rebecca, who incidentally, has been working on her trailer all winter and hopes to have it ready for the 4th of July. Lucky! I can't wait to see it at next month's show.

Allegan ended up being good to us again this month, despite rainy skies as we left our hotel (not our cute retro camper -- sigh) Sunday morning. The day turned out to be beautiful -- cool and sunny, but a little windy. We saw many of our favorite Indiana, Michigan and Illinois customers. Furniture, funk and garden sold well -- as did pillows -- go figure! Tomorrow, we'll start prepping for Kane and the 4th of July. Come and see us! xo

P.S. Thanks to my friend CJ for the adorable box of colored pencils!! Check her out at VanDaff's Interior Design and Antiques, listed on our blog roll. xoxo


Joan said...

Is a Rhubarb Reign cute camper in the works? What do you think my neighbors would think of one of those parted on the driveway? It's enough that they have to look at beatup ole Ruby everyday.

Linda Crispell said...

I would love a cute vintage camper. I have always imagined using one as a studio. Have a great weekend at Kane County.
Your Pal,

Sandy and Joe said...

Hey guys! Thanks for the comments. Joan, I'm sure your neighbors would be jealous of your cute vintage camper -- you might start a whole new fad! And Linda -- using one as a studio -- great idea. As for me, I'd love to have a cute camper, but I don't think Joe would go for it. Can't see him hauling "Cupcake" around -- not manly enough!! xo

one gal's trash said...

Those trailers! Your collages! Love your blog...thanks for stopping by. Happy 4th!
Pam ~ One Gal's Trash