Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Collage is Born

A note: I hope this isn't cheating, but I'm sharing an older post for Transformation Thursday this week, because it's a favorite both of mine and of our customers. Hope you enjoy it!

Sound track for today's post: Allman Brothers, "Eat a Peach"

Once upon a Wednesday, I was in the studio alone, Joe off at the auction. Fabulous! Not because Joe was gone, but because it was Project Day, and, being alone, there was lots of room to spread out. I'd gotten these vintage shadowboxes in a box lot at the auction several weeks ago, and when some lovely beaded flowers turned up in our neighbor Diane's booth at Allegan, a collage was born.

Remember several posts ago, I wrote about that yummy 1890s chemistry notebook? Well, I layered one sheet over a ledger page from the same era. Next came one of the few English botanicals we have left from last season, plus two scraps of the vintage wallpaper that our sweet Burlington show neighbor Judy gifted me with.

Finally, I added a couple of antique prisms and Diane's beaded flowers of loveliness. Voila! Done.

I love to make collages because the pulling together of disparate elements is exciting to me; it's a great metaphor for life. I especially like the opportunity to go three-dimensional, as it adds an almost kinetic feel to the finished work. I really enjoyed making these pieces, as they had a neo-Victorian scientific vibe going on. I love works from that period -- scientific, but very stylized at the same time. Who else likes collage? Raise your hand! Well, maybe leave a comment and tell me about what you like to make. A tip: we discovered that 3M's Formula 44 works just as well as the 77, and is less expensive. Will still use the 77 for heavier materials.

By the time I'd listened to "Sweet Melissa" for the fifth or sixth time, I'd made several other collage pieces and a second installment of our "Amy" mirrors, crusted with vintage jewelry. Plus I got a load of framing finished. And I took up the whole room, thank you very much!
By Friday evening, it was all loaded in the van, headed for Chicago. And to our happy surprise, the show turned out great! Grayslake is usually a good show for us, but a schedule change at the fairgrounds had shoved it back a week. Generally, a change like that is never a great thing for attendance, but we had sufficient traffic to meet our sales goal. Smalls continue to be strong sellers, especially glass containers, graphics and garden. Furniture also did well, particularly small tables and anything pretty.
The collages went to a happy new home. I'm missing them already! But I think I'm going to explore the Victorian science theme some more. Next week, we're off to Allegan. Think 4th of July and summer fun! Come see us. xo


Lori R. said...

OH my, this is just beautiful! I love project day when I don't have to be interrupted for anything... My husband is easy going so he's just fine in letting me create at my will....

Sandy and Joe said...

Thanks, Lori! Those uninterrupted stretches are great, aren't they? xo

elise said...

I really do love these! Sandy you really do inspire me with your creative spirt. Thanks, xo

Anita said...

Super cool work Sandy...Gotta love it when it all comes togehter, even better than planned...and having room to work- that's key!

tobie said...

LOVIN your collage over here in Wheaton.

Hope to see ya soon without Eddie Ross' anterage (is that how you spell it?)

Peace to you my friend.....

Kasey said...

looks great!

VanDaff's Interior Design & Antiques said...

Sany and Joe,
i love this post - so creative. Can't wait to see it all @ Allegan.
Would you like to get together with us after set up on saturday to catch diner somewhere close to your hotel?

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

What beautiful art! I love shadow boxes, but for some strange reason don't have any. I am loving the Alman Brothers running through my head now, so many good songs.

Thanks for joining me today (and yes, reposting is always welcome, I do it too!)