Monday, June 15, 2009

Road Trip: Indy to Columbus and Back Again

Midland ( was the first stop on this weekend's road trip. We were thrilled to find that ALL of our big pieces had sold, so we could restock with this week's auction haul.
Love the hat blocks Joe found, as well as the map case on the right -- what a great storage piece!

Our friend Lynda bought all these pulleys for us at Kane last weekend( Our original idea was to make a stand to hang each one individually, but a search of the studio didn't yield enough suitable materials. So we came up with this idea instead -- a pulley "tree" -- using one rail from an old rope bed. Thought it ended up kind of Ralph Lauren-esque!
After our Midland fluff, we hit the road again and were relaxing in the vintage wicker chairs on Katie Palmer's ( yummy front porch in Columbus, Ohio, by 9:30 p.m., enjoying cocktails and the fabulous snacks Katie scored at her farmer's market that morning. Yes!

Sunday morning, we unloaded at Sobo. Garden has been a big seller for Katie this spring, so we brought as much of that as we could find, plus some choice pieces like this pretty table -- Joe's favorite from last week's shopping -- to add to her vignettes inside.

Katie had lots of great new smalls in stock, including this super-cute covered cupcake pedestal and two-tier petit four stand. Wouldn't they be adorable for your next tea party? She said they've been a huge hit!

We were headed for home by lunchtime, but took a break to stop at one of our favorite malls, the Heart of Ohio, just outside Springfield.

We stocked up at our friend Jaime's booth, finding lots of cute frames for next week's chalkboards, some terrific tables and lots of cute jars. At Midland, we found two great motel chairs and a charming two-seat glider. All these goodies will give us a good start on our Grayslake load. Come and see us -- remember the market is now both Saturday and Sunday. See the sidebar for details! xo


katie said...

Hey Sandy and Joe:

Once again great to see you two!
Always fun to hang out and trade stories of our everything you brought for us but especially my new doggie photos stands I took home for myself! I will definately be posting a photo of them on my blog this week. I think it's a start of a new collection....vintage dogs that look like my Mia!

peace and love,

Lori R. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been watching yours every chance I get. Love your pics. One of these days I am going to make it to Kane Co. I heard it is unbelievable to someone who has never been there. Hope Grayslake is good for you....

Sandy and Joe said...

Hey guys -- Katie, thanks again for having us! We had a wonderful time. Think the Mia collection is a great idea. And Lori, yes, you should come to Kane sometime -- be sure to stop by and say hi! xo -- Sandy