Friday, April 30, 2010

Catching Up Is Hard to Do, Part 2

Last week, I set out to catch up on my blogging to-do list, but immediately fell behind again! So today, I'll try to finish up. Again, my thanks to Anita (Iowa Junk Gypsies) and Sarah (Garage Sale Girly) for nominating our blog for the following two awards:

We are truly appreciative. Last week, I did my list of personal-but-little-know-facts. Today, I decided to exercise my right to get creative and do things a little differently. I did choose 7 blogs to pass the award on to, but for my other 7 picks, I decided to tell you about some sites I really enjoy on-line, only some of which are blogs:

My friend Heather turned me on to this. (Pun intended, sorry.) You type in the name or names of songs or artists that you enjoy, and the site creates a "radio station" just for you! Love it -- the first 40 hours a month are free. You can upgrade to unlimited, commercial-free listening for $3 a month -- what could be better?!

2. Anthropologie (on-line newsletter)

I accidentally registered for their e-newsletter by not saying "no" at the sales counter one day -- but actually really like it. It's like getting a mini-magazine in my e-mail a couple of times a week. Plus it lists all their sale stuff. Lovely for a girl like me who lives in an Anthro-less state (well, there is one now I guess, but it's all the way down in Indy.)

3. Flowerpatch Farmgirl (Shannon Martin) and Linda Crispell
Two very different, but extremely well written and interesting blogs. Shannon is practically a neighbor and is a customer, but we really got to know each other on-line. She writes with feeling and humor about her family's daily adventures, including their most recent Korean adoption. Linda is a customer from Chicago, an amazing artist, and just moved with her family to China. Her posts from overseas have just started; can't wait to read more about her life there.
Excellent resources for all things creative. The Papersource's flag-ship store was just a few blocks away from my office in Chicago; many a happy and expensive lunch hour was spent there. Three floors of paper, ribbon, stamps and more. At least I can still visit on-line. Stampington is the parent company for the Somerset publications and features a full-line of items -- supplies, kits, books and more -- for the arty girl.
Oregon-based artist Emily Martin is the creative genius behind Inside a Black Apple, which chronicles her adventures and showcases her work. Some Girls Wander is her highly amusing fashion blog.
My friend Joan Babb told me about this visually-stunning Canadian blog. Simple, elegant, beautiful and always interesting.
I first came across Gretchen Rubin when she wrote an article for Real Simple. Her blog is full of first-rate ideas, all about being happier day-to-day. You can just feel how smart she is. Her book came out at the beginning of the year; it was fascinating watching it evolve as one of her Super-Fans, an informal focus group of bloggers. It debuted on the best-seller list, thanks to all the support from her on-line network, an interesting marketing case-study in itself.
I hope you get the chance to visit each of these sites and would love to learn about others that you particularly enjoy. Now, to pass on the awards:

I enjoy all the blogs on our roll, so it's hard to pick just 7. I tried to not pick anyone I'd picked before or that I knew had recently received an award. Or that doesn't accept awards. Sorry if memory fails me in any of these instances. So ladies (and gentleman), congratulations! Choose which ever award you prefer, or take them both!

I think I'm actually caught up for the moment! We had a great show at Kane -- thanks to all who came out for their support. Come join us next weekend at Grayslake. Details to follow. xo

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Celebrate May Day at Kane; and Catching Up Is Hard to Do

Join us this weekend at the Kane County (IL) Flea Market. We got tons of great new furniture, some lovely original paint pieces, garden items, containers, loads of ephemera, smalls, graphics, some special Mother's Day projects and more. Click on the show sidebar for details.

As for catching up, the rest will have to wait 'til Monday; that Kane County load isn't getting itself ready, so I'm going to have to help. Come join us. xo

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Catching Up, Part 1

A much-needed trip down to Midland Monday meant that I was going to be a day behind all week, so instead of doing my usual post, I thought I'd take today to try and catch up on some much-needed blogging thank yous.

First, to my excellent friend Anita of the Iowa Junk Gypsies, who was kind enough to present me with the Kreativ Blogger award -- right back at ya, sista! Thank you.

And to Sarah, known on-line as Garage Sale Girly, for bestowing on me the Beautiful Blogger award. I'm am truly appreciative!! Each award comes with the opportunity to list 7 things that most people don't know about me, as well as the chance to pass the honors along. So here's my list (don't worry, I'm only doing 7, not 14!):

1. My son is named after Jackson Pollack, one of my favorite artists. The thing I admire most about Pollack was his possession of the courage to carry out his unique vision, something I hope Jack Garrison will share. And now he even has his own stamp! Go Jackson Pollack!

2. I LOVE to read. I could lay around all day with a good book, but I almost never get the chance to do that. Right now, I'm reading a couple of things including "We Two," the story of Queen Victoria's girlhood and marriage. It is fascinating, and I highly recommend it.

3. My new vintage crush is royal family memorabilia; this actually started earlier this year due to a post by Linda Crispell, so the book just fit right in -- as did watching "Young Victoria," which won the Oscar for costume design this year. Also recommended.
4. I live in the house where I grew up.
5. I love to make things and right now am especially interested in all things paper and all things wire.
6. I just lost 10 pounds -- yeah! Go South Beach.
7. I'm not a serious collector of anything, but I've been fascinated for years with flower frogs, especially wire ones. It's their weird, sculptural shape that gets me, and I have enough of them to fill a cabinet in the living room.
I'm going to do the second part of this post later in the week. The aforementioned Jack has to go back to school tonight for pit orchestra rehearsal. But here's a peek at Midland:

And look what greeted us at Allegan Sunday morning:

Despite the forecast, we had no rain Saturday for set-up, and blue skies to start the show Sunday. It did rain around 10, and then again around 1, but there was a good crowd for the season's first show. Team Rhubarb met and even slightly exceeded its sales goal, so we couldn't complain too much about getting wet! Thanks to all who came out -- and stayed! -- to support the show. xo
P.S. Check back later this week for the second part of Catching Up -- some favorite blogs and other things beloved by yours truly on the Internet.

Friday, April 23, 2010

And So Begins the OUTDOOR SEASON

Join us this Sunday, April 25, for the start of our 2010 outdoor season -- the Allegan (MI) Antique Market. This market is person favorite for Joe and me -- it's the first show we started doing when we began working together, and it's right in Joe's boyhood "backyard." Plus, the show itself is charming -- lovely fairgrounds, lots of excellent vendors, and you can still get some great buys.

We've got a full load of industrial, primitives, original paint and garden. Come join us from 8 to 4; click on the show sidebar for details and directions.

Please note that it is supposed to rain. Sigh. But, half of the show is inside, and most of the outside dealers have tents. Just pack your boots and umbrella. Shoppin' in a Michigan spring shower is what antiquing is all about! Don't miss it. xo

Monday, April 19, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Today, strictly as an act of public service, I am sending my photo to Sony along with the suggestion that they have one of their tech guys draw a circle around it, with a line drawn through it, so it can be used as a new camera icon: "This Device is Subject to Operator Malfunction." This will pop up when the user is about to drive 5 hours to see a client in Ohio without charging the camera battery!

Actually, I'll probably just wait until my 15-year-old gets home from school and ask him to look at the camera. God forbid I'd have to find the instruction manual. I'm sure there is already a function that will give me a prompt showing there's only enough juice to take these two photos at SoBo -- Katie's fabulous industrial cart, complete with Hens and Chicks, and her super-cute feed sack purses. I'll ask Jack to set it up for me.

Seriously, we had a great appointment. Arrived in Columbus to the wonderful smell of Katie's backyard barbeque -- chicken-feta brats, served with the best black bean hummus I've ever had. We got a quick tour of Katie's yard, which is definitely giving me garden envy, as well as the progress on her remodel -- the vanity has been selected for the upstairs bathroom sink (a vintage commode from rhubarb reign!) -- and the new downstairs shower -- complete with window -- is finished. Everything looks great. We had a fun, relaxing evening with Katie's friends, Brenda (who brought fresh eggs from her chickens for the morning) and Douglas, who's known Katie since high school. The next morning, we were at the store early, rearranging, getting some large pieces wrapped up for delivery, then unloading. Katie's got a lot of great new items in right now -- getting ready for her annual May open house.

By lunchtime, we were back on the road, headed for home, complete with delicious oatmeal cookies from Katie's mom, Mary Kay. The weather was glorious, and the flowers along the way were spectacular. We've had such lovely weather this month that the lilacs, red buds, crab apples and all their friends are putting on quite a display. The trip to Katie's was our last official "off-season" event; this week, we get ready for Allegan -- our first outdoor show of The Season. Can't wait! Come see us. xo

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pretty as a Picture

"Pretty as a Picture" describes not only some of the wonderful graphics we had for last weekend's Grayslake (IL) Antique Market, but also the weather. It was so nice to have blue sky and spring temperatures, although it was a little windy. It was great to see so many outside vendors -- a sure sign of spring.

Loved this old print framed on ledger paper;

As well as the bold colors of this Victorian graphic we picked up in Ohio;

Here's a collage featuring antique garden tools; check out the great frame;

And a sweet little house wren.

You can't get much cuter than this little lady, all dressed up for her portrait session;

These vintage Japanese advertising graphics are a personal favorite;

And here's the latest in our lettering collage series, "Garden."

The vintage show-within-a-show had good participation. It was fun seeing every one's finery -- vintage clothes have such beautiful detailing. Here's another shot of some of Diane and Carole's lovely things. All in all, the weekend was a great success -- good crowd both days, although we are continuing to see a trend at this show of more retail than wholesale buyers -- allowing us to come within $20 of our sales goal. Many thanks to all who came out to support the show; we love getting to see everyone. And to Lynda for all her set-up help. And cookies! (:

Tomorrow, we'll start our Midland load -- it's been busy down there -- as well as a second trip to SoBo. Can't wait. xo

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grayslake: V is for Vintage

Make sure your weekend plans include a trip to the Grayslake (IL) Antique Market -- we'll have a new load of furniture, lots of garden, new graphics, cute containers, projects galore and lots more. This year, Zurko's are featuring a special group of dealers during each show. Last month, it was advertising dealers; this month, it will be vintage clothing. Be on the lookout for new vintage clothing vendors scattered throughout the show! Plan to join us; click on the show sidebar for additional details.

Speaking of vintage clothing, check out this great sweater I bought at Kane County from fellow dealer Diane Landry. While it's not exactly vintage, Diane does have many wonderful vintage items in stock. Her partner Carole makes the lovely ribbon pins pictured. Be sure to check out their booth this weekend (after me, of course!)
And for our friends in Chicago, tomorrow night, Beth Harlow, of the Painted Lady, is hosting a cocktail reception to announce the winners of her design contest. Our Grayslake neighbor, Diane Passi, will be a featured presenter during the evening. It sounds like a grand time -- plan to stop by if you live in the area! xo

Monday, April 5, 2010

You're No-bunny 'til Some-bunny Loves You

Well, things weren't looking so good for the home team Saturday morning as we sat on the "sidelines" -- the dealer line-up at the Kane County (IL) Flea Market. The rain had just started, and with it, our hopes for victory began to fade. You see, we figured Saturday was our best shot, with Sunday being Easter and all. And as I think I've mentioned on more than one occasion (hint-hint, Providence are you listening?), rain and great sales don't usually go hand in hand.

By the time set-up began in earnest, it was pouring, spotting furniture, fraying tempers, sogging packing blankets. Stuff falling, things breaking, people slipping.

However, about an hour after the show opened, the rain stopped, the sun came out, and much to our surprise, the place was packed!

That curved section from the side of an old gazebo toward the front of this photo was my favorite item at the show -- and the first to sell. So great because it stands by itself -- so many possibilities.

This sweet dresser also went to a new home,

As did many of these super-cute paper dolls.

When it was all said and done, we came within one dollar of our sales goal. (D -- I guess I need that "pin money" back after all (: !!) What the heck. I'll just throw it in myself. So we can say with the saints, "God is good, all the time." And with the sceptics like Voltaire's Candide, "And everything was for the best, in this best of all possible worlds..." (forgive the paraphrase; I've been out of school way too long!)
As always, many thanks to everyone who came out to support the show. It is very much appreciated. On a personal note, thanks to everyone for the great birthday wishes, gifts and treats! You really make me feel special. And as always, to our hosts the Boyds -- wow!! xo