Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Midland, Kane, Expo

I realized the other day that I hadn't talked mentioned Midland on the blog lately -- so, today is the day! If the name isn't familiar to you, "Midland" is Midland Arts and Antiques, located just off of 70 in Indianapolis' historic Lockerbie district. Housed in a wonderful, brick, turn-of-the-(last!) center factory, Midland is home to two floors of awesome antiquing. If you've never been, it is well worth seeing. Midland regularly wins "Best of Indy" awards and is shopped just as regularly by designers, dealers, decorators, celebrities and a host of others who just love its funky mix. We have had our space there now for a number of years. Believe it or not, it used to be the only place we could sell industrial and found on a consistent basis. Since then, Midland has expanded, added a second location in Carmel, just north of Indy, as well as an outpost in NYC.

 KANE PREVIEW: I can't believe it is time for the last Kane County Flea Market of the year! Remember, there are no Kanes in January or February, so make plans now to join us this weekend, December 1 and 2. Check Facebook later this week for a peek at what we are bringing. Need show details? Just click the link on the blog's calendar sidebar to visit the promoter's site.

EXPO REPORT: The first DuPage Expo show had a strong crowd of shoppers Saturday until around 2. Sunday was quiet, but we had a larger sale towards the end of the day. Smalls and holiday were the biggest sellers, although we sold all of our small tables, a dresser and a cupboard top by the end of the show. The next Expo show is the first weekend in January. Hope you can join us! xo

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Expo Show Season Opener this Weekend!

Be sure your Thanksgiving Weekend plans include a trip to the season opener for the DuPage Expo Show, this Saturday, 11 to 5, and Sunday, 9 to 3. We will have LOTS of wonderful new stuff -- holiday, handmades, furniture and a HUGE load of smalls from last week's buying trip to a rural Ohio farm and small-town antique warehouse. Can't wait for you to see! If you need more show information, just click the link in our calendar sidebar to visit the promoter's site. And remember to print this page (or just call it up on your phone at the show entrance) for HALF-OFF general admission. Have a wonderful holiday -- we are truly thankful for all our customers and friends! And see you at the Expo show. xo

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

At the Newsstand; Grayslake Report

 I was so happy to find my old pal Domino at the newsstand the other day! Not to get too excited, however, it is a "classics" issue, i.e. it reuses some old material. But it has a bunch of new stuff too. I enjoyed it and hope they do it again. Our Chicago customer Steve Smock saw me reading it this weekend at Grayslake and reminded me about Domino's online sequel, Lonny. He was kind enough to send me the link for the November issue, so I am going to take a look. But offhand, I never find trying to curl up with my laptop as easy as curling up with good old print! As long as we are on the subject, Graylake turned out to be busy -- lots of shoppers, maybe brought out by the mild weather. Once again, holiday and smalls carried the day. 'Tis the season. We are headed to Sobo in Columbus this weekend, with a stop at Midland in Indy.  But here's one more from the newsstand before I head down to the studio to paint -- FreshStyle. Flipped through several holiday publications, but this is the one I bought. Thought it had some cute new ideas! xo

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Grayslake Preview, Kane Report

 Be sure your weekend plans include Grayslake! This month's special feature is Holiday Collectibles, just in time for projects, decorating and gift giving. Be sure to print the red Half-Off coupon above and bring it along to save on general admission. For additional show details, click the link in our calendar sidebar. And check us out on Facebook later this week for a peek at what we will be bringing!
Kane proved to be busy, with the sunny (albeit chilly) weather. Smalls and holiday carried the day, although we sold a fair amount of small furniture. Not too many big pieces, though. Many thanks to all who came out to support the show. And we were very excited to get four pieces from Illinois folk artist Casey "Pops" Lewandowski. We have repped Casey's wonderful creations before and were thrilled to sell two right out of the van before we even brought them in to the show! Joe and I both love anything and everything handmade, so it is a real pleasure to rep the work of several talented artists. Send me an email if you have questions about Casey's work. We are thinking of taking the remaining pieces to Midland later this month. xo