Wednesday, March 28, 2012



Because Sunday is the 1st, Kane County is super early this month -- March 31 and April 1. Which is this weekend -- no (April) fooling! Be sure your weekend plans include us. We're all set for spring, with garden furniture and smalls, wonderful vintage graphics, a new load of furniture, plus LOTS more. Just click on the show sidebar if you need details and come see us. We're in the Main Building, as always!


Today's BOOKEND is courtesy of Joe! He knows I'm currently smitten with Mad Men, so he was psyched to tell me all about the special issue of Newsweek done to welcome the show back after its 17-month hiatus. What's so cool about this issue is that it's completely retro -- format, contents, ads and all. Lots of fun, whether you like the show, the '60s-style or simply the trip down memory lane. Definitely a keeper! xo

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vintage Eye Candy; Wheaton Report; Bookend


My husband's parents were visiting for a few days, and my mother-in-law, Sue, asked about a field trip to Wabash, Indiana, where she'd heard there was lots of great vintage buildings to see. Boy, was she right! Come along with me for a little visual tour:

Wonderful old limestone carriage house; Indiana is one of the largest producers of architectural limestone in the country. Look at this beauty:

Many of the lovely old homes have been completely restored:

And some were in process:

Downtown, there were more beautiful buildings, including the Charley Creek Inn:

Look at the wonderful old windows in this downtown shop:

This old charmer could have been on a side street in Paris:

I always have a soft spot for Carnegie libraries:

Inside the library are some wonderful oils by Hoosier artist Homer Gordon Davisson, which date from the turn of the last century:

Isn't the domed reading room spectacular?

I was loving all the vintage details scattered all over town, including the library's clock:

The crumbling facade of this building was amazing -- it was in the middle of restoration. I am assuming this finish won't be there much longer, but couldn't you see it as the background for an Anthropologie catalog shoot?

Here's some architectural details from the same building:

Love the old bricks in these stone steps:

Beautiful ironwork was everywhere:

Period detail also included lots of great old signage:

From retro:

To Deco:

All in all, we had a great time! Wabash is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area -- about and hour and a half south of South Bend and the same distance north of Indianapolis. Book a room at the Inn and make a weekend of it. There are several lovely state parks in the area, too, but I could stand and stare at the buildings all day long!


Saturday was the last Wheaton Antiques Market for this season, and the show had never looked better. The hall was full, including several new dealers, and the outside was packed with vendors brought out by the nice weather. Sales were respectable, although we didn't sell much furniture. Many thanks to all who came out to support the show! Art and architectural were our strongest sellers for the weekend. We stopped at Mishawaka Antiques and restocked our space there Sunday on the way home. The store looks amazing -- be sure to come by. Click the link on our show sidebar for details, or look for them on Facebook.


I was in Target yesterday looking for the new Vintage Decor, which I couldn't find, but I did come home with this:

I always like Matthew Mead's projects, and this issue is full of good ideas. Check it out. And continue to enjoy the wonderful weather. First day of spring -- TODAY! xo

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Closet Collector; Grayslake Report; Bookend; Wheaton Coupon


There are definitely things I can't seem to resist buying. Decorating books and magazines, for instance. Plus resale from my favorite stores and brands. But I don't really think of myself as a serious collector of anything in particular. However, lately I've noticed a jump in the number of items in certain little vignettes around the house, such as these sweet little cups:

I have a hard time resisting them when I can find them for a dollar or two. I love their little sayings and pretty colors! But now my small cabinet is almost full! When did this happen? Last time I looked, there was plenty of room. Maybe I'm more of a collector than I realize. What about you? What catches your fancy? Leave a comment and share!


Well, the joint was jumping Saturday. A new attendance record was set as mild temperatures brought out the shoppers. Unfortunately, the wind wasn't too kind to the outside dealers -- it was really gusty. We sold tons of smalls, lots of garden and a little furniture. Sunday was steady too. Many thanks to all who came out to support the show. Once again, some great new vendors were on hand, which is always good to see.


Well, I'm kind of sad to leave my friend Lisbeth Salander behind. I just finished the last of the three books in the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series, and I am going to miss her. What a great read! As I understand it, more books were actually written in the series, but due to the author's untimely death, they have never been published. Hope that the parties involved can work things out -- I really want to know what happens next! Be advised that the series is not for the faint of heart.

This might be kind of cheating, but here's a selection I haven't even started yet:

My folks just finished it and loved it. Written by controversial British historian Niall Ferguson, "Civilization" purports to explain the dominance of Western ideas globally over the past 5 centuries. Non-fiction always feels a little like homework to me, but I've heard this is a great read! Gonna give it a try.


Join us this Saturday at the DuPage County Fairgrounds for the last Wheaton Antique Market of the season. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, and we'll be all about spring to celebrate. And be sure to wear some green -- it's St. Patrick's Day in Chicagoland! Print the coupon below and bring it along for 50-percent off your regular admission. See you there -- click on the show sidebar if you need more information. xo

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grayslake This Weekend!

Join us this weekend for the Grayslake (IL) Antique Market! Details are just a click away on the show sidebar. Print the coupon below and bring it with you for HALF-OFF general admission. More $$ for all the treasures waiting inside!

We have spring, spring and more spring! Outdoor furniture, garden, seasonal handmades, graphics and more. Plus freshly picked furniture and our latest decorator finds. Don't miss it! See you there. Can't wait. xo

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blog Full Today! Paper Roses, Kane Report, Bookend, Grayslake Coupon

A while back I took a bunch a photos for a proper step-by-step tutorial on making paper flowers. Then time went by, I hadn't used the photos yet, and of course, now that I want them, I can't find them! Oh well -- one of the things I love about this project is that you can't mess it up -- it's that easy. So here goes:

You'll need a box of unbleached coffee filters, a tube of glue and a roll of masking tape, something to use for stems and centers, and a pair of scissors. Each flower takes about 8 filters for the size shown below. Take your first filter, fold it in quarters, snip the end, insert your stem and tape to hold fast.

Repeat 8 times -- that's it! When you have your bloom assembled, glue layers together as needed, then SCRUNCH hard. Fluff petals and add your center. You're done! There are lots of variations and tons of instructions on line -- start working on your bouquet today. A credit goes out to our pal Joan Babb for the first time we saw the project in person -- beautiful!


Despite the lack of cooperation from the weatherman, the Kane County Season Opener was hoppin'. Many thanks to everyone who came out to support the show. Industrial and garden were big sellers. Furniture and smalls held their own, but not as much interest in wall stuff this time. It was also nice to reconnect with our dealer pals that we don't see when the show isn't in session.


I heart C.S. Lewis, so I was shocked one day when a friend said she didn't like him because he was too "pedantic." But that's what I love about him -- he takes complex ideas and breaks them down into simple steps. For Lent, I'm reading one of his that I never have before, "The Great Divorce." Get on the bus! Give him a try -- I am in chapter 3 and lovin' it. So what are you reading? Would love to hear!


Check back later this week for your HALF-OFF regular admission coupon! We will be out shopping starting today for the show -- be sure to come and see us. xo