Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Allegan Update

I was planning on a long, layered, profound and witty post (ha-ha) about the weekend's Allegan Antique Market, but once again, the day has gotten away from me! So we'll just have to make do with short and sweet. So, here goes:
Weather: awesome! Customers: plentiful. Sales: brisk. Sandy and Joe: very appreciative!!

We also got to catch up with customers old and new, and some of our BFFs from Blogland and Facebook.

It was the kind of show that still makes you smile on Monday. And even Tuesday.

But now it's time to get crackin' on Kane. Check back later this week for photos -- both here and on Facebook. And make plans now to spend part of your holiday weekend with us! And maybe next week we can be long, layered, witty and profound....xo

P.S. A BIG THANKS to everyone who answered my blogging quandry. Will see what helps!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Attention Market Fans: ALLEGAN Is Going to Be AWESOME

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! This weekend's Allegan (MI) Antique Market is going to be AWESOME. We have one of the most interesting loads we've had in our 10-year history -- full of industrial pieces, original paint, cottage-style furniture and smalls galore! And it looks like the weather is going to cooperate to boot. Make plans now to join us. Details are just a click away on the show sidebar. Check out our Facebook page for additional photos! See you there. xo

P.S. I need some blogging HELP! All of a sudden, my comments are not posting on other people's blogs. Our comments keep appearing as "Anonymous," with no photo attached. I put in our Google account, but then it just keeps going in a circle, right back to asking for the account. This just started within the last week or so. I checked our settings, which seem fine. Any thoughts as to how to fix? Thanks! xo

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Road Trippin'

Summertime and road trips seem to be synonymous. And boy, have we covered a lot of ground in the last few days. Saturday, Joe and I headed down to restock our space at Midland in Indianapolis. By late afternoon, we were back on the road, headed to our favorite Columbus, Ohio, destination, SoBo Style:

Doesn't the shop look great!? All decked out for summer. But I'm getting a head of myself; we didn't get there 'til Sunday. Saturday night, Katie had an awesome little soiree on her new patio, complete with a sumptuous Indian food buffet, courtesy of her friends, Chrissy and Rolph. With a little dessert from Mom. Yum! Had a great time catching up with KP and company, with the added bonus of Brenda and Linda. What a riot.

The next morning we unloaded, then headed to Heart of Ohio where we filled two carts with goodies for Allegan. On the way there, we got a call from one of our favorite suppliers back home; as luck would have it, he was waiting for us with part of an estate. So it was Shop-Shop-Shop all the way home.

Monday, my son Jack and I headed out for our first college visit, Ball State University, located in Muncie, Indiana, about two hours away. I was really impressed with the campus -- had not been there since high school. The old part is really charming -- just check out this quote above the Fine Arts building door:

All the older buildings have that wonderful old-world feel. The newer parts of campus were also really nice -- clean, bright and really up-to-date in the tech and amenities department. Jack is interested in film, so the communications buildings were a must-see. Alum David Letterman does a lot for the school, particularly in this program area. Found out that one of my favorite authors, Havel Kimmel, is also a BSU grad. Who knew?

Heading home, we passed this awesome vintage gas station -- left from road trips gone by :

Just look at the beautiful details:

Love the tiny side door, pictured above, as well as the old gas pumps:

And darling glass mailbox. This attention to detail in one of my never-ending pleasures in the vintage world:

Joe will be hitting the road tomorrow, headed for auction. Then we'll be packing up later in the week for Allegan. So far the weather looks good -- so make your road trip plans now and join us. Check back later this week for photos -- and on Facebook as well! And while you're at it, send me some photos to share of your favorite vintage road trip destinations. xo

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

OK, I just have to say it. My Dad is awesome. The kind of dad that girlfriends all loved and boyfriends were all a little wary of. Funny. Smart. Kind. Loves babies and dogs. Horsed around with us when we were little. Set limits. Came to all our games. And plays. And pageants.

Grilled. Made big breakfasts on the weekends. Shined all the shoes on Sunday night. Moved boxes in an out of dorm rooms. Then apartments. Then houses. Always ready with a word of encouragement. Believed in our dreams. Hangs out with the grandkids. Sits on a million boards. Helps once a week at rhubarb reign inc. Let's me borrow the van all the time for treasure hunting.

Thanks, Dad, for everything! Happy Father's Day to you, Bob, Joe, and Joe's dad, Herb -- all the rhubarb dads. And to our customers, too. Know that you are loved and appreciated. On Father's Day. And every day. xo

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grayslake: What a Difference One Week Makes

Wow! What a difference just one week makes. Last weekend, we were so hot we wanted to cry; this weekend, we were wearing coats! Go figure. But it really was a lovely temperature for the market, especially Sunday.
Saturday got off to a great start with lots of furniture going to new homes during Early Buy. The Chalkboard Globes received lots of attention as well.

Unusual pieces such as this dental cabinet (which incidentally came from the estate of a sales rep in the little town where we have our studio):

to original-paint charmers like this parlour table were also snapped up fast:

Graphics, containers and chalkboards also sold well. In contrast, not one lamp sold, but last weekend, we sold every single one. You just never know. That's what keeps it exciting. Many thanks to everyone who came out to support the show. Today, we start work on Midland and SoBo Style's delivery. I'm headed out shopping this afternoon -- check our Facebook page for pics of what I find! And enjoy the nice weather. xo

Friday, June 10, 2011

Don't Miss This Weekend's Grayslake Antique Market

Come see us this weekend at the Grayslake Antique Market! Print this page for half-off regular admission -- make a bunch for your friends, too, or call it up on your phone at the ticket window:

We'll have LOTS of fun stuff, including our fabulous Chalkboard Globes*:

Magnets, photo holders and lots of other handmades:

Graphics and garden:

One of my favorite finds to date -- this awesome, old folding table:

Lots of new furniture, plus industrial, containers and smalls galore!

Don't miss it. Details are just a click away on the show sidebar. See you there! xo

*No, not ours in the magazine. But great minds must think alike! And ours are a fraction of what this one costs.

And for our Michigan friends -- Zurko Promotions is honoring the admission discount at Centerville this weekend, too. Tell 'em rhubarb reign sent you!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award: Many Thanks to Our Friends at Blue Cardinal! Plus a Kane County Update

Hey! Many thanks to our friends and customers, Jenn and Alison, of the Blue Cardinal, for our Stylish Blogger Award. A pat on the back is always appreciated! With the award comes the List of Seven Things, plus getting to pass the award along. I always get a kick out of doing both!

Since we've already told you seven things about ourselves and about the business, I thought I'd change it up a bit and tell you Seven Things we've learned in the 10 years since we started rhubarb reign:

1. In our vintage community, we all depend on each other; the changes and choices we make affect not just our business, but the folks we interact with as suppliers, customers, friends and colleagues.

2. Nothing lasts; as soon as you figure things out, something changes.

3. Being self-employed is not easy. You must be perseverant, as well as persistent.

4. Retail is as dependent on the weather as farming.

5. You need a support network.

6. Being successful requires risk, planning, time and hard work. But success is a relative term; you have to decide what it means to you.

7. Everyone has a mixed bag of resources to draw on -- time, talent, cash --but not in equal amounts. It is a waste of time and karma to envy someone else's stash to the extent you don't use your own.

Whew! For a while I was stuck on six, now I can think of seven more. But I'll save those for next time. So tell me what you think: what has life taught you in the last 10 years? I'd really love to hear. And to pass on the torch, let me call your attention to the newest blogs on our roll: Room 363, Scout Chicago and villa barnes. Visit them when you get a chance!

Kane County

"Sultry" is a great word when applied to the cute dealer in the next booth. But not so much when applied to the weather at a show. It was so warm at Kane on Saturday that the floors were literally sweating. I'm not kidding! And if the floors are sweating, just imagine the people. When customers are too hot, they really just don't feel like shopping. Who can blame them? I wanted to go home, too. We were joking that we should fill the mail cart we had for sale with water and charge people for a swim. Oh, ya, then it stormed. Sunday was a better, but still kinda sticky by afternoon. And just to think, last weekend at Allegan we were wearing winter coats.

Needless to say, we appreciate EVERYONE who came out to support the show, especially given the weather. We didn't make our sales goal, but we do have $$ to put in the bank. And we got to put some of our Seven Things into practice! So tomorrow we start work on Grayslake, hoping for 70 degrees and no rain. Check back later in the week for an update. xo

Friday, June 3, 2011

Kane County: We're Saving You a Seat!

Come see us this weekend at the Kane County Flea Market. And look, we're saving you a seat!!

In addition to all these original paint cuties, we've got a brand-new load of furniture, both big and small, LOTS of graphics (check some of them out on Facebook), tons of smalls, containers, garden, industrial and more.

As always, details are just a click away on the show sidebar. See you there! xo