Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BOOKEND: From the newstand; Allegan Report; Harvest Fair Update

BOOKEND: While I still miss my old pals, Domino and Country Home, there are lots of great newcomers waiting by my reading chair. Jeanne d'Arc Living is a Danish magazine that features page after page of gorgeous shabbiness. Our pal and fellow dealer Susan sells these in her booth, along with a new favorite of mine, Flea Market Style, brought to you by Ki Nassauer, formerly of the Junk Market. While I've heard of Folk, I've never actually purchased a copy 'til now, which I am happy to say looks entirely readable. Secondhand Treasures is actually a loaner from our excellent Grand Rapids pals, fellow dealers and awesome Allegan hosts, Dan and CJ Zondervan. I had seen it at Walgreen's, but could not bring myself to buy it, as there were too many ads for American Pickers! However, I am going to have to go back and get it -- it really has lots of useful info, despite my prejudices! Now I just need a rainy Monday so I can get busy reading!!

ALLEGAN REPORT: Speaking of rainy, Allegan was kind of a mixed bag in the weather department. Saturday was hot and sticky, but reasonably busy for early buy. Sunday was cooler, but dogged by the threat of rain, especially in the afternoon. You could feel the nervous rustle of dealers searching for their phones -- calls were coming in from our Randolph Street (Chicago) colleagues all day about the deluge they were enduring. Smartphone radar makes watching any oncoming storm a constant distraction. About 2:30, dealers were starting to" tidy," i.e. pack discretely, as news spread that the storm had reached our side of the lake. It is kind of a no-win situation for the outside dealers; no one wants to disrupt shoppers, but even with a tent, you don't want your merch getting wet! Showers did break out a couple of times, but thankfully, nothing major. Just as we were taking the tent down about 6, we did get more rain in earnest, but even that didn't last long. All in all, a decent show, with sales mainly in the smalls department. So now it's on to Kane!

HARVEST FAIR: For the past several months, we have been hard at work, getting ready for SoBo Style's Harvest Fair, featuring yours truly -- rhubarb reign! We are in equal parts excited and terrified. The basement storage area is full of fall-themed handmades and smalls, plus we have been stock-piling all the original paint furniture we can find. Stay tuned for details as the show gets closer -- now only 3 more weeks!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Can You Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight?

Excuse me for a sec, while I get all Phil Collins-y on you! But can't you feel the change in the air the last few days? Shorter evenings and later mornings? The occasional nip in the air? It can only mean one thing -- fall is just around the corner. We can't wait! Join us this weekend for the Allegan (MI) Antique Market, where we'll be starting to make the seasonal transition with some great original paint, awesome containers, handmades and more. Details are just a click away on the show sidebar, if you need more information. And be sure to check our Facebook page -- just uploaded photos from yesterday's restock at Midland in Indy. Will have some Allegan preview photos up later this week. Come join us! xo

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

All the news -- quickly!

Just a quick update today! My son Jack helped me reset our booth at Mishawaka Antiques yesterday, in preparation for their special event this Saturday, August 18, in conjunction with Interiors, Etc.'s Portobello Road Market. Don't miss it! For details, check out MA's Facebook page today. Many thanks to all who came out to support the Grayslake Antique Market last weekend. We had a blast -- Zurko's set a new attendance record! The vintage vinyl show really had a party atmosphere, especially Saturday, with live music and all. Next up for us: restocking at Midland, a trip to SoBo in Columbus, Ohio, new etsy listings, and then Allegan. Stay tuned for details, both here and on Facebook. xo

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Join us this weekend for the Grayslake Antique Market at the Lake County (IL) Fairgrounds! As always, print this page for HALF-OFF general admission -- or just show the red coupon on your phone at the door. Click on the link in our show sidebar if you need additional information. And be sure to visit our Facebook page at the end of the week for a peek at what we'll be bringing! And, oh yes, this month's popular show-within-a-show will feature VINTAGE VINYL and all things musical. Will be lots of fun. Don't miss it!

It's Always SUCH a Project: Dress-form Makeover: OK, I know I have done this post before, but I always forget to take a photo of the finished piece. But not this time! So, here goes again, from start to finish -- the Vintage Dress-form Makeover. Step One -- find your form! It is getting harder and harder to do. Since they fit right in with the steampunk/industrial trend so popular right now, the forms have been harder to come by at a reasonable price. But hang in there; one is bound to turn up. Once you've found a suitable candidate, peeling is the most time-consuming aspect of the project.
For your form to look well finished, you have to get as much of the fabric off as possible, which is tricky around the metal findings. But it is worth the effort! Separate the sections as far as you can, so you can really reach inside. Needle-nose pliers make the job easier. Expect to spend a couple of hours on this part.

Once the peeling is complete, you will need shellac and a brush to seal the outside. We use a mix of three colors to get a finish that looks old, but not too orange-y. Next, we dig through our boxes of lamp parts for a suitable base. Then Joe gets to work, rigging up a series of pipes that fit the base, but allow the form to still be height-adjustable. That can be tricky. Usually there is some sailor talk at this stage.

But here she is! Pretty as a picture. We modify a lamp part or wooden finial to make a top-knot, in case the original is missing. Let us know if you decide to give it a try!

KANE COUNTY REPORT: Well, it was a weird weather weekend, once again! Saturday, the A/C in our building was struggling to keep up with the 112-degree heat index. No lie! And as predicted, there were heavy storms in the afternoon that sent many of the outside folks packing -- literally. We actually lost power in the Main Building from 2:30 on. So there we all were, sweating in the dark! But Sunday was lovely. The outside had filled up again, and the cooler temps brought out lots of shoppers. Many thanks to all who came out to support the show. Sales were strongest in the smalls and handmades, but we did sell some cute pieces of furniture. Yesterday, work started on a new load for our space at Mishawaka Antiques, for Grayslake and for Etsy . Plus we continue to work on our special load for SoBo Style's Harvest Market, coming up in September. Stay tuned for details on everything! xo

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big Do-ins; BookEnd; Allegan Report

BIG DO-INS!! As in several Big Things coming up. You know, some Big Dos. First, we wanted to let you know that we will be back at SoBo Style in Columbus, Ohio, for our second trunk show! Held in conjunction with the Country Living Fair, which takes place the same weekend in Columbus, we will be set up both inside and outside Katie's store with furniture selected especially for this event, plus tons of fall and Halloween-themed smalls and handmades. We can't wait. More details on what's in store as we get closer.

Second, we wanted to say congratulations to our customer pal, Mark Norkaitis, on the opening of his new shop in Naperville, Ill., on August 16. Be sure to stop in and check things out. Mark has a fabulous eye and a wonderful gift for display. We are sure the store -- Room 363 -- will be amazing. You can visit both Katie and Mark by clicking the links on our blog roll!

BOOK END: This book -- Steal Like an Artist --was calling out to me when I was shopping with Jack for a Father's Day gift. (Right, I always find stuff for myself before I find what I am out supposedly looking for! You got me.) But this is actually a great fast read about a subject that comes up often in our corner of the vintage world -- as I am sure it does in any gathering of creatives. The author's premise is that there are no original ideas, but there are right and wrong ways to borrow. Check it out! He also offers lots of good suggestions on furthering your own creativity.

ALLEGAN REPORT: Okay, all summer show weekends should be just like this -- sunny, but not too hot, with a light lake breeze. It could not have been more perfect. What a difference the weather makes. Customers were telling us all day about the stream of cars pouring in the gate. Many thanks to everyone who came out. This was probably the best show we've had all year -- sales were strong across the board! Yippee!! Totally appreciate everyone who came out to support the show. And the good news continues -- found some great things while our treasure trolling both Monday and Tuesday, plus Joe called from the auction to say the buying was going well today. We should be well-stocked for our next go-round -- this weekend's Kane County (Ill.) Flea Market. Be sure to join us there. Can't promise yet about the weather, but our building is now AIR-CONDITIONED! Double yippee!! Check our Facebook page later in the week for a peek at what's coming to Kane. xo