Wednesday, December 28, 2011


OK, so Joe and I just figured out that this weekend's DUPAGE EXPO SHOW will be both our LAST and FIRST show of the YEAR! A two-fer if there ever was one. So we've got LOTS of

great stuff planned -- a whole NEW load of furniture, smalls from this week's shopping from here to Ohio and back, plus a peek at Valentine's Day, new chalks and more. Plan to spend part of your holiday weekend with us and all your other favorite Expo dealers!

As the HALF-OFF GENERAL ADMISSION blog/Facebook promotion has remained so popular, Zurko's have renewed it for another season! Hurray! Just print this page out (or show it on your phone at the door) to save a little $$ for spending once inside. If you need more info, check out the show sidebar on this page or click on the link it contains to go the the show's website.

A very HAPPY NEW YEAR, one and all. Thanks for being some of the greatest friends and customers on the planet. See you this weekend. xo

P.S. Just restocked at Mishawaka Antiques, Midland and on Etsy -- come see us there, too!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Slightly Victorian Christmas Wish from Our Place to Yours

For the last couple of years, we've collected these cute Victorian postcards featuring Christmas robins. I kept expecting a project to materialize, but so far, that hasn't happened. But looking through them the other day, the thought occurred to me that robins seem a little out of place at Christmastime. Even in Victorian England, it must have been chilly! So I decided to do a little quick Internet research, and I totally get it now!

It turns out that to the Victorians, robins symbolized "light at the darkest time of year" -- even with snow on the ground, the hope of spring is right around the corner! It is one of the things I love best about that time period -- every little detail was packed with meaning.

So from our place to yours this holiday week, we wish you everything a Victorian Robin stands for: new beginnings, cheer, joviality, light-heartedness, joy, hope, clarity, renewal, pleasures, simplicity, happiness, satisfaction, rejuvenation, contentment and a bright future!

Merry Christmas! xo

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feeling Merry? A Short List of Reasons Why

Today, I have a to-do list that is long as my arm -- or at least elbow to fingertip! But I'm feeling distracted. I guess you could say actually merry. Downright full of Christmas cheer. Do you ever have days like that? Where you just feel full of good fortune?

Partly, I think it is due to lack of this:

Now, don't get me wrong. I love a white Christmas as much as the next girl. But every day that I don't have to drive in it, I count as a blessing. Cold but sunny weather drew a big crowd of shoppers to last weekend's Grayslake Antique Market, which we always count as a blessing. And everyone was in a great mood -- another reason to celebrate!

What about you? What is making you merry this week? If you need a little cyber-perk, check out Emily Martin's blog today for an awesome download-able FREE project. And also print out the coupon below while you are at it. Bring it along to this SATURDAY's Wheaton Antique Market, our last show of the season, for HALF-OFF general admission. Check back later this week, both here and on FACEBOOK, for a peek at what we are bringing. And leave me a comment and share what's making you MERRY this time of year. xo

Friday, December 9, 2011

Grayslake: So Many Good Things!

This weekend's Grayslake Antique Market is full of good things -- and we aren't talkin' Martha here (although we're sure she'd approve!) First of all, thanks to Zurko Promotions, print this page for HALF-OFF general admission.

Second, we've got Santa's Workshop Bench (or maybe it came from the elves' classroom?!), plus a van load of furniture, smalls, mirrors, containers and more. Everything you need to deck the halls and gift-ify everyone on your list. One-stop vintage shoppin'.

Third, remember the weather for Grayslake last year? Well, this weekend's forecast is seasonably chilly, but SUNNY!! So what are you waiting for? Make sure your weekend plans include a trip out to see us. Details can be found on our show sidebar, and I am loading photos of some of the new merch on to Facebook right now. See you at the show. xo

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Shopping List: Vintage Style! Plus Kane Report

So, how are things coming with your holiday shopping? Assume you've been making your list, and checking it twice! Remember that this weekend's Grayslake Antique Market can be your one-stop holiday shopping resource. There are countless possibilities:

Jewelry, books, purses, sweaters, hats, scarves. Artwork. One-of-a-kind collectibles. Something for your best friend who loves pink. Or cats. Or owls. Plus seasonal greens and everything you need to deck the halls. And, thanks to Zurko Promotions, just print the coupon below for HALF-OFF general admission. What could be better?

Click the link on our show sidebar for more information and check back this week, both here and on Facebook, for a peek at what we will be bringing. Ho-ho-ho!

Many thanks to everyone for braving the gloomy weather last weekend to come and see us at Kane. Saturday started out a little too quiet, but picked up as the morning went on and cold rain let up. Holiday handmades were big sellers, as were smalls. Not much furniture, but that is kinda typical for the time of year. Sunday was steady. We enjoyed visiting with our new neighbors and hope they will be back when the season re-opens at Kane in March. xo

Friday, December 2, 2011

Pipe (Leg Table) Dreams and the Last Kane of the Year

In just a few short years, industrial pieces have gone from easy-to-buy but more selective to sell to the exact opposite -- prices have skyrocketed and finds are in hot demand at all our markets.

Thankfully Joe is a whiz at creative carpentry, allowing us to make some wonderful pieces from parts that we find. Case in point, this great pipe-leg table.

We found the legs on a buying trip a few weeks ago, and Joe remembered that we had a lovely original-paint top from an earlier auction score. What great patina!

A match made in industrial/garden/primitive heaven! The piece would be awesome in a store, as a worktable, in an office, as a many options.

Come visit our dreamy Pipe-Leg Table at the last Kane of the season -- this weekend! Can you believe it!? Where has the year gone? We will also have lots of new furniture, smalls, holiday and handmades. Click on the link in our show sidebar if you need more details. But be sure to join us. See you there. Can't wait!! xo