Friday, July 29, 2011

Lookin' GOOD for Allegan

Hey, good lookin'! Don't miss this weekend's Allegan Antique Market. It is shapin' up just swell. rhubarb reign will be debuting lots of swingin' finds, including three of these fabulous old watercolor portraits: We've also got two awesome folding tables from Kentucky, a lovely primitive jelly cupboard, oodles of new smalls and furniture pieces, lots of projects and much, much more. The season is already half-gone, so don't be square -- be there! Details are just a click away on the show sidebar. More photos of our hot finds will be posted on Facebook today. And the weather is lookin' fine. See ya there, doll. xo

Monday, July 25, 2011

Just Back from SoBo with Big News!

Just a few minutes in Columbus' SoBo Style presented me with a whole host of wonderful ways to be parted from some hard-earned cash. Love all Katie's new jewelry, including these

fun Paris necklaces from Maddie Lisee:

SoBo's super-cute feedsack bags also always make me smile. They were just featured in the "Crave" section of Capitol Style, Columbus' local design magazine:

But what ended up coming home with me is a secret -- something from the back room that's not even on the shelves yet!! More on that later. But on to our BIG NEWS: we've been invited to do a trunk show at SoBo in September in conjunction with the annual Country Living Fair!! I am SOOO excited. More details on this as it evolves.

Saturday we restocked at Midland, but my photos did not turn out. Must have been the heat! Did some treasure hunting on the way back for Allegan, with more to come tomorrow and Wednesday. Do plan to join us this weekend in Michigan -- the season is already half-way through. Check back later this week for a peek at what's coming to the show. xo

Friday, July 22, 2011

Signs of Summer

Last week, it was time for the ancient and honorable rural tradition that brings together man, beast and carnival equipment -- the county fair. Because the rhubarb reign studio/workshop is directly across the street from the fairgrounds, we feel part of the excitement every year.

This year, even more so. My husband is worship leader for our church's band, which performed one evening:

And my son's girlfriend, Courtney, was one of 2 county-wide 10-Year Achievers. She was also runner-up for Fair Queen! Here she is pictured with her horse, Bosco, Jack and her cousin. She showed 4 of her horses during the week-long event and will be headed to the State Fair in Indy next month. We are proud of her achievements.

Small towns and county fairs just seem to fit right into the vintage lifestyle -- you can feel the connection to the past in so many whispery ways. The excitement is over for now -- the grounds are being cleaned up and the tents taken down. We are headed to Midland and Columbus this weekend. For a preview of what's coming to Indy, check Facebook over the weekend. xo

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Of Heat and Television

A Midwestern/slightly southern summer can contain lots of different kinds of heat. At Sunday's Burlington (KY) Antique Show for example, there were two kinds. First, there was the "just opened the hotel door, coming out of the air conditioning, into the 'whoa, it's only 5 a.m.' swimming pool of heat." That was added to the "fry an egg on top of your head" heat that was featured at noon. The combination was the kind of hot and sticky that makes you "want to slap yo' Momma," as our friend Ricky would say. But, despite all that, the people came. And they shopped!

This was mostly due to the excitement generated by the "American Pickers" crew. The show sent a group of about 20 people, who roamed the grounds all day with their cameras. It was really interesting to watch them work. They were very friendly and quite unobtrusive. Shoppers were definitely intrigued, but everyone pretty much just went about their business. We will let you know when we hear what happens with the footage.

Sales were good across the board. Sold the Trauth table mentioned in last week's post right away, as well as our 1860s cherry chest. Original paint, paper/collage and store fixtures also did really well.

Hot is still going to be the theme of this week, as we are going to 99 by Friday. Stay inside and catch up on your old episodes of "American Pickers." Or better yet, head to an air conditioned space and do your own treasure hunting. But either way, check back later this week for an update. We are headed to Midland and Columbus this weekend. And check out our Facebook page for more photos. xo

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Making "History" at the Burlington Antique Show This Weekend

Big news! The producers of "American Pickers" will be filming a brand-new show for the History Channel THIS WEEKEND at the BURLINGTON ANTIQUE SHOW!! Too exciting. It should be a great time -- a sold-out show, full of dealers with their very best merchandise. You won't want to miss this one. Details are just a click away on the show sidebar. Make plans now to join us.

Our booth will be full of antique and cottage-style furniture, industrial finds, garden, containers, smalls, handmades, graphics and more. Plus we will be continuing our collage table sale and will feature the work of two new artists. And we have a fresh batch of the ever-popular hand-painted letters from Illinois artist Laura Simpson. So much good stuff!

We will also have our own little piece of Kentucky history for sale -- a parson's table used for years as a work desk by Louis Trauth Sr., founder of the popular Trauth Dairy in Newport, Ky. The historic Trauth plant is scheduled to cease production next month after more than 90 years in the dairy business. At the time of its sale to Dean Foods, Trauth Dairy was one of the oldest family-owned businesses in this part of Kentucky. The desk was purchased by Kris Kenz, my partner Joe's sister, while she worked in the plant offices. Come check it out. And wear something cute -- it may be time for your 15 minutes! See you Sunday. xo

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We Heart Vintage Tools; Grayslake Report, Burlington Preview

My great-grandfather ran a hardware store in a small Nebraska town. I feel some errant gene was passed from Great-Grandpa Schoening to me. I love hardware stores in general (ever notice how they all smell the same when you walk in the front door?) And I adore vintage hardware and tools in particular.
Can't you just imagine the hands that used these scissors?

And cared for this beautiful folding ruler?

These old tools have a quiet grace and calm presence about them, whether made from wood or metal. Many are still usable, but we mainly love them as one-of-a-kind home accents. They always speak to me. What about you?

Grayslake was busy on Saturday and steady on Sunday. Again we appreciate the support of our regulars and were happy to see some favorite customers who haven't been able to make it to the market in a while. Today we start work on Midland and Burlington. And we have some exciting news! The History Channel has selected the Burlington Antique Market's July show to film the pilot for their newest show!! We can't wait. If you've never been to Burlington, this weekend would be the time to check it out. Click on the show sidebar for details and check back later this week for a peek at what we'll be bringing. See you there. xo

Friday, July 8, 2011

Vintage Paper and More: Grayslake This Weekend

Joe and I are super excited about this weekend's Grayslake Antique Market! First of all, it's time for the annual show-within-a-show, VINTAGE PAPER!! There will be tons of extra dealers for this event, plus all your regular favorites. Like getting a Venti for the price of a Tall.

In honor of this illustrious occasion, we will be having a SUPER SALE at our collage table, where you can fill a bag for one price. Plus, we have these wonderful Morris butterflies for sale for the first time. Late 1800s. Same author as the nests and eggs from earlier this year. And lots of other graphics.

To add to the goodness, we have some lovely new furniture, including this c. 1860 cherry chest, assembled with wooden pegs, people!

And lots of original paint:

Plus yummy painted furniture, garden, industrial, smalls galore, tons of containers, projects and MORE, MORE, MORE!! Can't wait to share it all with you. Plus, Grayslake is air-conditioned, two of my favorite words given the hot weekends we've had lately. So come prepared to shop, chat, relax and have fun. Details are just a click away on the show sidebar. And don't forget to print out this page for HALF-OFF REGULAR ADMISSION! Make some for your friends, too. Or just show call up the blog on your phone at the door. Any way you do it, we'll be waiting for you!

See you there!! xo

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Reading, Plus Kane Report and Grayslake Update

I think it was Henry James who said there were no two more beautiful words in the English language than "summer afternoon." Well, I think I can do him one better with "summer reading." What about you? Don't you have to look every time you see one of those book lists? Here's what's in my stash; let's just hope there's enough afternoons!

I've started work from the bottom of the stack. "Decorate," by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick, is lots of fun; think "Domino" magazine without the ads. "Romantic Prairie Style," Fifi O'Neill, is pretty much just that, and it features the homes of two rhubarb reign customers, Joy Waltmire and Anne Marie of NaDa Farm. "Anthology" just appeared in my mailbox, courtesy of the Anthropology website, a quarterly with yummy pictures and more text than the average shelter magazine. If the next issue is as much fun, I might just have to get a subscription!

I can't say enough good things about "State of Wonder" by Ann Patchett. Much of the narrative takes place in the Amazon jungle, where a Minnesota-based pharmacologist has been dispatched to bring her employer back details about the untimely demise of her lab partner. The drug company they both work for had sent him to find out why they had stopped getting information on the project they'd been funding for the last 20 years, which, if successful, would revolutionize human fertility. But none of that does justice to the book or the author's descriptive prowess. Highly recommended -- "Heart of Darkness" for a new generation. But don't tell me the ending! I'm not there yet. Also recommend: "Wide Awake" by Erwin Raphael McManus, especially if you need a little inspiration. That's as far as I've gotten to date. What about you? What's on your summer reading list?

Kane County was pretty decent, considering the holiday weekend and Saturday's heat. Sales were pretty evenly divided between furniture and smalls. Plus we got to see some folks we haven't in a while and go to Boyd's annual cookout -- both of which made the weekend a success! Thanks to all who came out to support the show.

Now it's on to Grayslake. I'll be headed to Starbuck's at noon for a strawberry smoothie, bag of almonds and an iced-coffee. The perfect drive-to-shopping-destinations lunch. Check back later this week for a peek at what I find (check our Facebook page for photos too). And do plan to join us for the show, which will have the added show-within-a-show -- Vintage Paper! Yum.

Don't forget to print the above "coupon" for half-off regular admission. Make a bunch to share with friends, too. Or just call the blog up on your phone at the door. See you there! xo

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kane County This Weekend!

Join us this weekend for the Kane County Flea Market! We've got LOTS of great stuff in the works, including garden, industrial, original paint, containers galore, chalkboards, graphics,

lamps and mirrors, architectural, painted furniture -- you name it! I could go on and on. Check our Facebook page for additional photos and make plans now to join us. Details are just a click away on the show sidebar. See you there! xo