Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Intern; Kane Preview

AWESOMELY ABBY: This year, we were excited to welcome our second summer intern, Ms. Abby Giurfa. Hardly a stranger to the show circuit, Abby is the daughter of one of our favorite Chicagoland dealers, Patty Suttle, aka Paper Patty. But we were blown away all week by the range and depth of Abby's skills -- not only was she great with our Allegan customers and fellow dealers, but she was no slouch around tools and a paint brush back at the studio. Plus she was a real trouper when the Allegan weather turned out to be a full 40 degrees colder than the temps just the week before! It barely topped 60, plus was windy and wet. And when hunting for new merchandise turned into a 10-hour work day, Abby hung in with a show-stopping smile. She actually said she'd like to come back next year. Could we get that lucky?! Thanks, Abby, for all your hard work. And the vegan eating tips. xo   
 UP NEXT: KANE COUNTY -- Come take a look at the the goodies we found while Abby was here! We will be in our usual spot in the main building this weekend. Click the link in our show sidebar for more details and visit us on Facebook later this week for a sneak peek at what we are bringing. Tell 'em Abby sent you! 

Day off! Blueberry picking, with Jack Garrison.

A visit to the Amish wholesale market, E and S.

On the hunt for new treasures.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Come see us at Allegan this weekend! BookEnd

ALLEGAN (MI) ANTIQUE MARKET: Hard to believe the season is already half-over! We have had an awesome year so far -- lovely weather and great crowds. This weekend also looks like it is shaping up to be a good one. We found some terrific stuff on our way home from Ohio last weekend, plus we will be shopping all week long. Will have tons of new treasures to share. Check us out on Facebook later this week to take a peek at what we'll be bringing. And the weatherman looks like he is going to help us out as well -- partly sunny, high of 78. Perfect weather for antiquing. If you've never been before, Allegan is one of those rare shows that has just about everything going for it -- lovely, old-fashioned grounds with dealers both inside and out. The show is just the right size -- big enough to hold a variety of merchandise, dealers and price-ranges, but not so big that you can't see it all. Plus, bonus -- it's about half-an-hour from the beach, farm markets and fruit stands. Perfect day out for a Midwest weekend! What are you waiting for? Plan to join us. Details are just a click away under our show sidebar.
BOOKEND: "The Paper Garden," Molly Peacock. I was stopped right in my tracks by this one. To quote from the jacket, "In 1772, upon the death of her second husband, Mary Delany arouse from her grief, picked up a pair of scissors, and, at the age of 72, created a new art form: mixed-media collage. Over the next decade, Mrs. Delany produced an astonishing 985 botanically correct, breath-taking cut-paper flowers, now housed in the British Museum..."! And it goes on from there. Curse you, beautiful summer weather! I need a snow day so that I can get caught up with all my wonderful new book-friends. (OK, maybe just kidding about the snow day. Want to keep the nice weather. But come on!! I need to get caught up here.Maybe a rainy Monday will do it.) xo

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Print this coupon!

It's time! Ready, set, PRINT. Be sure to bring this page with you to this weekend's Grayslake (IL)Antique Market. It's good for HALF-OFF general admission! And you can put those extra dollars to great use -- buying more paper. This show will feature the popular show-within-a-show, Vintage Postcards, Paper and Ephemera. What could be better? Trade your new paper for some rad old paper! I'm already excited. Plus there will be all the other wonderful stuff -- furniture, artsy smalls, graphics, handmades and more. Click the link in our show sidebar if you need additional information on the particulars (hours and the like). And visit us later this week on Facebook for a look at the specifics (beauty shots of some of our favorite new finds). Can't wait! Is it Saturday yet? See you there. xo

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BOOKEND: What Could Be More Exciting?!

WHAT COULD BE MORE EXCITING?! Than two lovely new design books! And don't they have a terrific yin-yang quality about them, one light cover, one dark. On the left, "Brilliant Reuse," from the editors of Jeanne D'Arc Living. On the right, "Heirloom Modern," by Hollister and Porter Hovey (whose names are just too exciting for real life!) Now, just need a rainy Monday with no agenda so that I can curl up and enjoy. What's new on your bookshelf?
ALLEGAN REPORT: Once again, picture perfect weather for an outdoor antiquing adventure -- many thanks to whomever is responsible! And more thanks to all the treasure-hunters who came out to enjoy it. Sales were strong in all categories, except maybe framed graphics. But that's OK -- we need those at the mall. We also did some good buying from a couple of our favorite vendors. Thursday will be just a regular work day for us -- on to Kane County this weekend. But enjoy the 4th and then get your shoppin' shoes on. Check us out on Facebook later this week for a look at what we are bringing. See you there. xo