Monday, August 30, 2010

An Allegan to Remember

Just a quick note to say THANKS to everyone for making the August Allegan a record setter for us -- what a great show! Picture-perfect weather (okay, it was kinda hot by afternoon, but not so humid), plenty of dealers, plenty of shoppers....we heard over and over about how much everyone was enjoying the show. That's just the way we'd hope.

Sales were strong across the board -- industrial, furniture large and small, garden, containers, handmades, ephemera all performed well.

We also got some good buys, but I was kinda late getting out there, so I'm sure I missed some great things, too. We decided long ago that our focus at shows was on our customers, less so on shopping. But late in the day, the shopping actually came to us -- a customer came in with some killer maps from a university clean-out. How fun is that!

Now we're thinking about Kane. And fall. And Halloween...check back later this week for a preview! xo

Friday, August 27, 2010

Perk Alert: What's New Now -- Allegan

We're all about fall for this weekend's Allegan (MI) Antique Market! Our load includes these great concrete pieces:

Loads of excellent containers:

Plus tons of industrial, furniture, hand-mades and more:

The weather is supposed to be picture-perfect, so make plans now to join us! Details are just a click away on the show sidebar. Can't wait to see you! xo

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall Is in the Air: SoBo Style

Despite the 85-degrees days and the calendar page that still says "August," the start of school always feels like the automatic end of summer to me. Since our kids went back last week, I'm all ready to get my fall on, and our weekend trip to SoBo Style seconded my opinion on the change of seasons. Just look at all these deep rich colors:

Even the JellyCats are ready! Looking out the office window tells me Mother Nature hasn't quite caught up with me, but it's only a matter of time. Katie ended up having so many customers Sunday that I didn't get a chance to take photos once we got unloaded, so I'll have to be sure to do that next month. But check out her blog in the meantime for more of what's "in store"!
Just wanted to add a quick congratulations to our Chicago customer and friend Bill Rawski whose business, Zap Antiques and Props, was just profiled on the front page of the August 18 LIVE! section of the Tribune. Be sure to check out the article* and then go to the second link to see more photos from the warehouse. (Thanks to our pal Lynda Boyd for sending the article for us to read. Much appreciated!) *Sorry -- I can't get the link to work, but just Google "zap chicago tribune," and the story comes right up.

We're thinking FALL as we get ready for this weekend's Allegan Antique Market. There's only two more shows left this season -- this weekend and September -- so do make plans to join us Sunday! Details are just a click away on the show sidebar. See you there! xo

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bad News, Good News

So the bad news is that our van has just died for the third time, except now it's worse news because it's died outside the fairgrounds, on a curvy, hilly little road, and now I'm running. Running uphill, actually, and it's really hot, and it's raining. I'm chasing the fairgrounds caretaker in his golf cart, a race I'm definitely losing, and the rest of the clean-up crew is cheering me on (actually, I think they are laughing, but I can't stop to check.)

Just then another golf cart coming from the opposite direction intercepts my quarry and points out that a crazy lady in a skirt is chasing him. Kindly, the caretaker turns his cart around, sighs (probably, after all, he's trying to get his work done before it storms), hoists up the battery pack, and heads out to help us once again.

The jump gives the van just enough juice to coast to the top of the hill, into Urb's Auto Repair. Which is the beginning of the good news. The caretaker comes back, offering us a ride. He'd already checked out the local motels for us, too. Wow -- how nice is that? We opt for a cab so that he can get his work done. The cab (aka dirty mini van, but you can't really put that in your ad) is about the only slow vehicle on the road, but we don't care -- we're headed back to the hotel, which means a shower, A/C, dinner, and early to bed!

The next morning, we're back at Urb's, looking pitiful, by 7:30 a.m. Although they are booked, they get us in quickly -- turns out we need the combo fun pack of new battery and alternator. We're back on the road by 10. Thinking we could have broken down anywhere -- alongside the highway would have meant the expense of towing, the drama of leaving the trailer, and nowhere familiar to stay. Instead, we found lots of help. And felt the hand of Providence.

We were home a day late, but Jack and I could still make our annual back-to-school pilgrimage to Lake Michigan, pictured above. There was still one day of summer vacation left. I am really thankful.

Tomorrow, we head down to Columbus, Ohio, to see our excellent friend, Katie Palmer of SoBo Style, plus a quick trip to Midland. I'm hoping for an uneventful journey -- at least in terms of the van! xo

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good News, Bad News

Let's do the good news first: despite the almost slithering heat and the threat of storms, we had the best Burlington we've ever had, hands down. We were so busy until noon that I didn't get the chance to go and shop until after lunch, but still, I was pleased with what I found:

We got a surprise visit from BFF Heather, got to hook up with Denise Griffith from Feather Your Nest, saw many of our other favorite Ohio customers, and sold a record number of Laura Letters. Joe had the good sense to set up all our ephemera in the barn behind our space, which everyone seemed to love. The ice cream guy hadn't sold out when I finally got over there. And it looked like we were all packed up just as the thunderclouds were gathering on the near horizon.
And then the bad news. No trailer lights. Then no van lights. Then the engine made the saddest little sound. And died. Just that little click-click-click which means you're goin' nowhere.
There is nothing lonelier than a dead van in an empty field....
Check back later this week as we continue the melodrama! xo

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's New Now

This week, we're getting ready to head south -- Midland in Indianapolis Saturday and Burlington (KY) Antique Market Sunday. Here's a peak at just a few of the things we'll be working on:

This great old sign -- would look fabulous on a white wall or garden fence;

Lots of furniture -- that was really our buying focus this week;

But we also be packing tons of fun smalls -- these tole lamps look great in a girl's room, powder room, garden work room -- you name it!
These is SO much more, but you'll have to come see us in person -- just click on the show sidebar for details. See you there! xo

Monday, August 9, 2010

Grayslake: WOW!

Joe and I have learned over the years that August can be a little funny. There's a lot to work around, from the heat to the back-to-school schedules to the proliferation of shows on a particular weekend, which divides both customers and dealers.

So we were especially excited that Grayslake was even busier than we had expected -- despite heat on Saturday and rain on Sunday; despite taking kids to college, getting ready for back-to-school, working on wedding preparations and other weekend activities; and despite having at least four shows to choose from in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois -- lots of folks came out to support the show. We couldn't have been more pleased! And appreciative.

Plus, we had a great time. And really sold across the board.

We also did some great buying, including this funky store mannequin, and

this fabulous metal chair. We'll be busy this week, getting ready for Midland and Burlington. Check back later this week and see what's in the pipeline. xo

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Perk Alert: What's New Now -- Grayslake

Come see us this weekend at Grayslake! We'll definitely have something for everyone -- garden, industrial, furniture both large and small, frames, graphics, excellent smalls, handmades and more, including:

This fabulous vintage orchard sign, painted on tin;

A stack of terrific original paint drawers from an old plumber's cabinet -- these will be perfect going into fall;

A wall of antique metal pharmacy boxes; these are great for storing odds and ends and have terrific graphic presence.
Be sure your weekend plans include us. This month's show-within-a-show will be Beads and Buttons -- be on the lookout for these extra dealers and grab all your jewelry making friends! Click on the show sidebar for details. See you there. xo

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kane Thanks

Just wanted to thank all our FABULOUS customers for a great Kane weekend. Industrial was by far the top seller, but primitives and found objects were not far behind. I bought this wonderful 1870s dragonfly graphic from our favorite paper dealer Patty Suttle, as well as some terrific new alphabet pages that we'll start working with this week. We had such a great buying week last week that I'm stoked to see what will turn up this week for Grayslake. Check back to see what we find and plan to join us next weekend! xo