Thursday, March 28, 2013


If you've visited in the last few weeks, you may have heard that we just got a new computer. Which is great. Except that it means I have to learn new software. Thought I had it down, but can't figure out the edit function to crop my photo! So let's just pretend for today that this is a better picture. Thanks for playing along there. And as long as we're playing true confessions, another thing I many have mentioned before is that I love it when the post office gets new stamps. Yes, I am that dorky. I mean, stamps are like fun stickers that you have to buy anyway -- so why not make paying bills more fun?! But I was a little sad when I bought the stamps for my Easter cards. There just wasn't a springy choice that jumped out at me. It wasn't 'til I got home, however, that I realized these Emancipation Proclamation ones were actually perfect. I mean, what is Easter, if not the ultimate freedom act?! Serendipity, to be sure. Have a wonderful holiday and THINK SPRING!
P.S. For our Chicago customers, don't forget that Zurkos are hosting a one-day show Saturday at the Expo Center. We can't be there due to a schedule conflict, but the red HALF-OFF coupons we always post for their shows are still good. Just look up our last Grayslake post to print yours! xo

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Two Weeks "Off"

Joe and I actually have the next two weeks "off," meaning no shows, but lots of other things on the calendar -- spring cleaning the storage areas, restocking at Midland and Mishawaka, finishing the taxes with our accountant, taking a load to our pal Katie, at SoBo Style in Columbus, selling in the auction and getting used to our new office computer! Will keep you posted. xo

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SAVE A LITTLE GREEN on this weekend's Wheaton Antique Market

WHEATON: Join us this Saturday for the last Wheaton Antique Market of the season. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, print this page to save a little green -- just show it at the door to receive HALF-OFF your general admission. Need more show information? Just click the link in our calendar sidebar to visit the promoter's site. And, check us out on Facebook later this week for a peek at what we are bringing. See you there!

GRAYSLAKE: Wow! What a great show. All day long on Saturday, people were telling us how packed the parking lot was. And Sunday was busy, too, despite the time change. Sales were balanced between smalls and furniture, with my favorite piece, the multi-drawer workstand shown on our Facebook page, as the first thing out the door. Many thanks to all who came out to support the show! xo

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Next Up: Grayslake; Kane Report: Bookend

GRAYSLAKE: Just outside my window, the snow is piling up -- already looks like about 4 inches. BUT! The weatherman says it ain't gonna last. The weekend highs are supposed to be almost 50! So come get your spring on -- join us at the Grayslake Antique Market this Saturday and Sunday. Remember to print this page for HALF-OFF general admission. And visit us on Facebook later this week for a peek at what we are bringing. See you there! REMEMBER THE TIME CHANGE IS SATURDAY NIGHT.

KANE REPORT: Many thanks to everyone who came out for the Kane County season opener last weekend. It was chilly, but clear. And the place was rockin'. Sales were good in all categories - think everyone is ready for spring. Plus, it was great to see our regular Kane customers and dealer pals, all back together again. Here's to a great year!

BOOKEND: Are you a fan of the Sartorialist? If so, you may want to check these sites out, too: Stylites, On the Corner, Spain Street Style, The Expressionist and Hel Looks. Thanks once again to our pals at the WSJ for the heads up. Happy looking! xo