Wednesday, April 25, 2012

'Tis the Season: Welcome to Allegan

I love an antique show, whether it is inside or out. But there is just something about an outdoor show that seems extra special, especially if the weatherman cooperates. I am not sure what it is -- the flock of canopies, treasures strewn everywhere, a little sun and a nice breeze...maybe just that the thrill of the hunt seems MORE like a hunt when it takes place outdoors.

And in our book, there is no better hunting ground than the Allegan (MI) Antique Market. Actually, you get the best of both worlds, as there are 200 dealers inside and 200 out. Plus the fairgrounds has that wonderful, old-fashioned feel, with lots of trees and quirky little nooks. Not to mention some of the best deals around.

Do plan to join us this Sunday for the season opener! Details are just a click away on the show sidebar. Come early and plan to spend the whole day. Happy Hunting!! xo

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Looks We Love: Folding Tables; Plus Burlington Report and BookEnd

Here at rhubarb reign, we have yet to meet a folding table we don't love! From wooden sawhorses:

converted ironing boards:

and vintage drafting tables:
to metal sawhorses:
our customers seem to agree. What these tables all have in common is a clean, modern look with a great vintage vibe. The folding feature is an added bonus: while they can have a permanent place in your decor, they are easily stored and brought out for use at a moment's notice when an extra surface is needed for projects or entertaining. What could be better!

The tables pictured here all played a starting role in our set-up at the Burlington (KY) Antique Market over the weekend, our first show of the outdoor season. It was fabulous! Gorgeous weather and a front-page news story really brought out the crowds. We were a little nervous Saturday as heavy rains complicated set-up, but the weatherman was true to his word, and skies cleared overnight. Sales were good in all categories, but especially garden, as you might expect! Many thanks to all who came out to join us. In two weeks, we'll be headed for Allegan (MI), hoping the weather forecast stays in our favor. Make plans now to join us there -- their season opener always rocks!


My folks gave us the Downton Abbey ultimate fun-pak for Easter -- two videos, guidebook and soundtrack! My whole family is hooked. If you haven't seen it, the PBS series follows the daily life of the British aristocrats, the Crawleys, and their staff, just as the first World War breaks out. This time period is one of my favorites -- so much cultural and technological change, just like our own time. Plus the set and the costumes are awesome. Check it out if you aren't already hooked. xo

P.S. Wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to Chicago customer Bill Rawski whose company, ZAP Props, was featured last night on American Pickers! And to encourage everyone to vote for our pal Chef Mark Trombley before the week is out. Type in, then scroll through to find Chef Mark Trombley and click Hospitals 2. Many of you know Mark McKee, our frequent show neighbor and dealer of all things awesome -- Mark, alias "Sherman" is his partner! Let's send them both to New York!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Season Opener: Burlington Antique Market

Join us this Sunday, April 15, for the start of our OUTDOOR SEASON and the SEASON OPENER of the Burlington (KY) Antique Market. We are too excited about both things! The tent is out of storage, and the trailer is packed with treasure. If you don't know the show, it is located at a picturesque old fairgrounds in horse country, but just minutes from Cincinnati. Last year, the show was host to "American Pickers," and this year we've learned it will host a new show, "Market Wars." If you do know the show, you know it is full of some of the best bargains around -- it is truly one of the best places we get to shop all year. And tomorrow, it is supposed to be 80 degrees with only a 10 percent chance of showers -- sounds good to me! Need more details? Just click the Burlington link on our show sidebar. See you there! xo

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Grayslake Report, Bookend, and Looking Ahead


People often ask us if we are bummed about working every weekend, especially when it's a holiday. Truth be told, I guess, like lots of other folks with non-traditional schedules, you just get used to it. Sure, we'd love to be home, but we also really enjoy spending time with our "other family" -- our great customers and dealer pals. It is just one of the trade-offs in doing what you love. Grayslake was packed on Saturday and steady Sunday. A thousand thanks to all who came out to see us! Smalls ruled the weekend; didn't sell much furniture this time. And today we started work on our first outdoor show of the year, the Burlington (KY) Antique Show. If you've never been, Burlington is an awesome place to buy! Come and see us this Sunday. Click the show sidebar for details.


Run, don't walk! Buy "I Like You" by Amy Sedaris today. A spoof on entertaining books, it is totally hilarious. Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. xo

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Join us this weekend for Grayslake!

Know it will be a busy weekend with the holidays, but be sure your plans include a trip to see us at the Grayslake (IL) Antique Market! We've got a wonderful new load of furniture, lots of great smalls, lovely spring graphics and LOTS more. Click on the show sidebar if you need more details and print the HALF-OFF coupon below to save on your general admission. See you there!
Ooops -- almost forgot! This show features the popular show-within-a-show, Vintage Clothing and Jewelry. Bonus! xo

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kane Report, Grayslake Preview

Welcome to our booth!

This is how things looked Saturday morning.

It's going to be one of those "picture tells a thousand words" kind of posts! First, let me say thanks to everyone who came out to support the Kane County Flea Market this past weekend. We had a wonderful show. Busy both days with the weather doing its best to cooperate. Can't beat that.

Sales were strong across the board -- furniture to smalls, garden, industrial, primitives. Also sold lots of handmades and graphics.

Ladders have been a big hit this spring.

And I wish we would have had 10 of these -- a metal greeting card file. Just loved it!

Now we are moving on to Grayslake. Know this will be a busy weekend, between Passover and Easter. But hope you can join us just the same! I will try and get some new photos up on Facebook before the week is over and will have the HALF-OFF general admission coupon up by Friday morning. This weekend's show will feature the popular show-within-a-show, Vintage Clothing. Bonus!

No Bookend today, but I did finish "The Great Gatsby." Plus trying to catch up on a backlog of periodicals. What's on your nightstand? xo