Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our friend, Dan Palmer

This is a tough business. I get discouraged when it seems that time and again, competition does not bring out the best in people, and then Joe has to remind me to focus on all the good we do see and all the great friends we have made. One such friend is Dan Palmer, dad to our SoBo Style pal, Katie. We actually met Dan the same day we met Katie, more than 10 years ago now, the first time we did the Springfield Antique Market. Over time, our relationship with Dan grew from father of a friend to simply friend. There are many wonderful things we could say about him -- awesome storyteller, seasoned businessman, avid collector, true outdoorsman, vital part of SoBo Style. In fact, there is a wonderful post about him right now on Katie's blog, where she shares many of these things. So we'll just add one more from our own experience. We found that Dan shared his friendship with us more through actions than words. He made us feel welcome whenever we were in town, saving us a parking spot big enough for truck and trailer right out front. He was always there to help us unload each delivery, and reload, when we had our trunk shows. He became a mentor in many ways to Joe, sharing all sorts of tips for making things a little closer to perfect. In fact his relationship with Joe grew to the point that Katie had to put a three story limit on their swapping of tall tales each time we visited! Sadly, our visits with Dan have ended. He passed away suddenly on December 25, just a few days short of his 83rd birthday. Due to a family commitment, I was not able to be in Columbus for the service, but Joe was. And he reported that he'd never seen so many people or so many flowers, surely evidence of all the other lives Dan touched. Many years ago, I heard Emily Dickinson's "If I Can Stop" read at a funeral, and it has stayed with me since. The gist of it is that if you can help even one person during your life, you have not lived in vain. Judging by the outpouring Joe saw in Ohio, we think Dan Palmer's life was certainly well spent. xo

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Just in time for a chilly inaugural weekend, our pal Patty Suttle shared Maira Kalman's latest book with me -- "And the Pursuit of Happiness," all about the founding fathers! It is AWESOME and not to be missed! Go get it right now!! Before I have to use any more !!!! xo

P.S. For Christina -- sorry that I just now saw this, but yes, whenever we mention coupons, we mean the half-off general admission coupon, which is good for any Zurko Promotions show.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Best Bets for 2013, Grayslake Report, Wheaton Update

TOP TEN:  For most of 2012, the trusty owl was one of our top sellers, in all shapes and forms. Now, turning the calendar to 2013, it's any body's guess what will be number one. Whatever the case may be, I always love to read the lists different publications come up with, giving their answers to what's gonna be a winner in any given year. My pal Lynda just sent this clipping from her Chicago-area paper. There nominees are: Indian Clubs (ok, we can see that), Redware (maybe a little too traditional for our folks), Beaded Purses (ditto), Thread and Yarn Spools (ditto squared), Baby Shoes (possibly), Tramp Art Frames (love), Steiff Bears (cute but pricey), Crock Lids (what?), Mortars and Pestles (follows with Cabinet of Curiosities trend), Bird Figures (safe bet for spring almost every year). Hmmm...any thoughts? What do you see climbing to number 1? We should take bets or come up with our own list!

GRAYSLAKE REPORT:  There were lines of people waiting to get in until well after noon on Saturday -- lots of new faces. We felt the buying was a little light, however, given the size of the crowd. Kind of like last month. However, Sunday turned out to be a pleasant surprise -- we were steady all day, despite the weather taking a turn for the worse, at least compared to Saturday. All said and done, we had a good show. Probably about even between furniture and smalls. Many thanks to all who came out to support the show!

WHEATON UPDATE: Due to a schedule conflict, we will not be at Wheaton this month, but your admission coupons are still good. We should be back to normal in February. xo

Thursday, January 10, 2013


OK, I promise to make it a New Year's priority to post something other than the red coupon! But it seems like time is just passing me by and I don't want you to miss out. So, remember that Grayslake is this weekend. We have been doing LOTS of shopping, so come see us. And for goodness sake, use the coupon! It is good for half-off general admission. Need more details? Just click the link in our calendar sidebar. See you this weekend! xo