Thursday, May 14, 2009

Springfield Extravaganza

Our theme for this year's Springfield Extravaganza ( is "Industrial Garden" -- lots of primitives, industrial antiques and fun stuff for the out of doors, plus some cottage-style furniture and a special guest -- Heather Kramb, from Maddie Lisee, with her fabulous jewelry! Come and see us -- Friday and Saturday until noon, outside space 31. Saturday afternoon, we head to the Burlington, Kentucky, just outside Cincinnati, for the Burlington Antique Market, where we will be on Sunday from 6 am to 3 pm (, outside space 25A.

The tricky thing for us is having to leave a day early. What a difference that makes! We could not attend our usual auction, so Joe went to a sale Monday, and I scouted out a bunch of the little stores around town. We found some great stuff, including these fabulous chairs and this adorable English dress form. I'm going to add these shops to my weekly rounds! Come see what else we scored!! xo


anythinggoeshere said...

Lovely additions! You know how I love dress forms. xo Joan

Anita said...

Wow- you guys are troopers doing 2 shows in one weekend...when is vacation scheduled again?

Bleu said...

Hey sandy & joe, luvin the dress for...did you sell it? Let me know, i will be missing Kane this time, headed to NC. Thanks, Monica