Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's Your Favorite Find?

While browsing around this morning, we read that our on-line pal/customer extraordinaire Linda Crispell was "attending" a Blog Party hosted by the folks at Flea Market Style:

Being included on the guest list was seemingly easy -- just pick your favorite flea market find. But like a father with many children, how can you name one without your heart breaking over the others? If you've been a "flea marketeer" (their term!) for long, I'm sure you can relate.

However, out of many well-loved treasures, I have to say THIS is at the top or at least close to it. It's a hand-made shooting gallery target, probably from some type of small-town carnival. It has so much going for it -- I love hearts as a motif, but they have to be funky; I adore the color red; its brokenness is captivating; it was made by hand. Sigh. It makes me smile every time I see it.
Want to share one of your favorites? Just click to join the party! xo


Shannan Martin said...

"Its brokenness is captivating."

You just perfectly defined my love for all things worn, tattered and chippy.

I may have to even quote you on this, though I'll be sure to source the author. :)

What a wildly fun find, by the way!

Sammy Girl said...

Love the heart! How large/small is it? I agree that it's hard to choose the favorite one, as that changes ... FREQUENTLY. I must admit to being a little fickle, and think my favorite depends upon which room in the house I'm in, lol!
I would love some advice about mounting "hardware" stuff ... thanks for the offer! (I have a couple of things I'd like to do if not too hard ...)
Betty :)

ann at greenoak said...
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ann at greenoak said...

im on a forum run by one of the people on the new nasseur... its its nice...and lots of junky and recycled ideas!!! ann