Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Whites

Ahh, winter...its snow-covered beauty was echoed in our Grayslake booth this weekend:

From snowflake-shaped shelf brackets to

Ice-crystal vintage beaded flower pins;
This "snowfall" mica pendant lamp to

Vintage white iron grates...all examples of nature's artistry, recreated for the heated indoors.
I think winter is lovely, even though it adds new challenges to my work life: merchandise is harder to come by, our "regular" 3-hour show commutes feel more like "over the river and through the woods" adventures, and the prospect of unloading a van full of furniture in an icy, sub-zero parking lot seems a little more daunting than it does in the same parking lot an a balmy spring morning.
But we are thankful -- for Lynda and Dean's help, which made the unloading go faster; family chipping in to shop and donate creative time at the studio; a busy early buy and a steady stream of customers all weekend long -- sales were strong in all categories -- and dinner with friends Saturday evening at a fabulous Kosher Mexican restaurant in Highland Park (IL), Casa de Issac.
Work starts today for Wheaton, which will be a Saturday only show starting this month, so unfortunately, no day off. Joe has the van in for service this morning; I'm going to rustle through some of my favorite local haunts for treasures, then it will be time to get busy at the studio this afternoon. Do plan to join us this weekend -- and remember to enjoy nature's winter wonderland 'til then! xo