Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Race Is On!

Greetings, sports fans! The 2010 summer flea market season is now well underway, with both Chicago-area veterans -- Kane and Grayslake -- posting impressive numbers. As you no doubt recall from last week's report, our heavy-weight champ, Kane, had taken the lead in this year's race. However, while both markets have been plagued with post-construction-related injuries, our contender, Grayslake, regained the lead this Sunday with an impressive sale right at the bell, despite the challenges posed by inclement weather.

Tune in later this week as Team Rhubarb hits the road for a double-header -- Midland and Burlington, Ky. Better yet, get a ticket and plan to join us! Midland is always fabulous, and if you've never been to Burlington, it offers some of the finest shopping around. Don't miss it! As always, thanks to our wonderful "fans" -- we couldn't do it without you -- and to our fabulous roadie, Lynda. xo

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Cindy said...

yeah!!! congrats, glad i could help:)
have another incredible show!!! love love love my new things...xo