Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vintage Wrapping Station 101

You can't be in this business long without things tending to, well, accumulate. Actually, if you like vintage stuff at all, it tends to accumulate, business or no! But look how cute it is when it all gets together:

Awwh! So instead of our usual collage table, we thought it would be fun to try a Vintage Wrapping Center at our pre-holiday shows, putting our vintage baubles, trims, paper flowers* and more to good use.
Our Grayslake customers loved it, so we will be restocking for the Expo Show. Come give it a try yourself! It is really great fun to put a special touch on your holiday packages.

Many thanks to all who came out to support us at Grayslake over the weekend. The show was sold out -- and packed with customers Saturday. Crowds were steady Sunday, too. Mishawaka Antiques and Midland reported busy weekends, too, so we will have lots of restocking to do! Thank you, thank you! We really, really appreciate your business. We are headed to Midland this weekend, and will be back in Mishawaka next week, so check to see what's come in. Plus, new items are going up on etsy today! Will have details about the Expo Show next week. Until then, check our Facebook page for the latest finds. xo

*While the instructions for lots of different paper flowers are available on-line and in magazines, we'd like to thank Joan Babb, Diane Passi and CJ Zondervan for their inspiration.


Bethany said...

So happy that we made the drive up to see you guys at Grayslake, little ones and all. I'll definitely be coming again...without the kids.

Loved this idea, though I probably won't be putting it into action this year since the little ones tend to mess with the packages enough as it is. :)

Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Hey Bethany! It was so nice to see you guys, too. And Levi looked adorable in his rocker. Hope he enjoys it. Thanks for the business. Happy Thanksgiving. Know what you mean about littles and packages -- although we stil have the most trouble from our cats! They love to eat bows. Go figure. xo