Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Show Report: Berrien Springs; BookEnd

We tried a brand new show this past weekend, held only 45 minutes from our studio -- kind of felt like a working vacation! The location was ideal -- a small Michigan town, close to the lakeshore and not far from some larger cities in both Michigan and Indiana, not to mention Chicago. And the fairgrounds adorable -- the quaint, old-fashioned kind. Lots of potential. And we were pretty pleased with the results. Felt the traffic and sales were respectable for the first time out of the box. Signs, containers and handmades were our best sellers for the weekend. The show drew both locals and folks in the area just for the weekend. We handed out lots of cards, both for us and for Mishawaka Antiques. The show will be held again next year; sounds like Zurkos are planning two for 2013. My favorite part -- our most-loved food vendors -- The Olive Branch Cafe -- were set up right next to our building! Yep, I was over there breakfast, lunch and snack time!! Many thanks to all who came out to support the show. Next up -- Allegan! Plus we will be restocking at Midland this weekend. Come see us. xo

BOOKEND: Am reading "Wolf Hall" right now, by Hillary Mantel. LOVE IT. All about Henry VIII's early reign and the political intrigue so thick at that time. Have to be awake though, so it is taking me a while. Am constantly referring to the chart in the front of the book to keep all the characters straight. And in the multi-media arena, our AV librarian just recommended the BBC series "Sherlock," which is a modern take on the Sherlock Holmes stories. Lovin' that as well. A word of caution, though. Each episode is 90 minutes, so be sure you don't start if you don't have the full time -- you won't want to quit. And be sure to watch the hilarious BBC America commercial at the beginning. What are you reading and watching on these hot summer nights? Leave a comment and share! xo

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Johanna said...

Glad you mentioned Wolf Hall -- I've been meaning to read it. And Sherlock was great on Mystery. Very interesting modernization of the characters!