Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BOOKEND: From the newstand; Allegan Report; Harvest Fair Update

BOOKEND: While I still miss my old pals, Domino and Country Home, there are lots of great newcomers waiting by my reading chair. Jeanne d'Arc Living is a Danish magazine that features page after page of gorgeous shabbiness. Our pal and fellow dealer Susan sells these in her booth, along with a new favorite of mine, Flea Market Style, brought to you by Ki Nassauer, formerly of the Junk Market. While I've heard of Folk, I've never actually purchased a copy 'til now, which I am happy to say looks entirely readable. Secondhand Treasures is actually a loaner from our excellent Grand Rapids pals, fellow dealers and awesome Allegan hosts, Dan and CJ Zondervan. I had seen it at Walgreen's, but could not bring myself to buy it, as there were too many ads for American Pickers! However, I am going to have to go back and get it -- it really has lots of useful info, despite my prejudices! Now I just need a rainy Monday so I can get busy reading!!

ALLEGAN REPORT: Speaking of rainy, Allegan was kind of a mixed bag in the weather department. Saturday was hot and sticky, but reasonably busy for early buy. Sunday was cooler, but dogged by the threat of rain, especially in the afternoon. You could feel the nervous rustle of dealers searching for their phones -- calls were coming in from our Randolph Street (Chicago) colleagues all day about the deluge they were enduring. Smartphone radar makes watching any oncoming storm a constant distraction. About 2:30, dealers were starting to" tidy," i.e. pack discretely, as news spread that the storm had reached our side of the lake. It is kind of a no-win situation for the outside dealers; no one wants to disrupt shoppers, but even with a tent, you don't want your merch getting wet! Showers did break out a couple of times, but thankfully, nothing major. Just as we were taking the tent down about 6, we did get more rain in earnest, but even that didn't last long. All in all, a decent show, with sales mainly in the smalls department. So now it's on to Kane!

HARVEST FAIR: For the past several months, we have been hard at work, getting ready for SoBo Style's Harvest Fair, featuring yours truly -- rhubarb reign! We are in equal parts excited and terrified. The basement storage area is full of fall-themed handmades and smalls, plus we have been stock-piling all the original paint furniture we can find. Stay tuned for details as the show gets closer -- now only 3 more weeks!


amy of studio four corners said...

sandy - I haven't seen the more recent copies of FOLK - the first ones - interesting...but in need of some better art direction/layout. I saw a copy of secondhand treasures - its produced by A&E so that explains all the American Pickers ads...I think I'll pass! But Flea Market Style is always good - love Ki!
FYI - got a copy of Steal Like an Artist - blogged about it - loved it! I laughed out loud in parts and nodded in agreement with others - thanks so much for the recommendation! hope all your shows are super and you sell out of everything!

Glenda said...

I have everyone of these magazines right now, but OMG, Flea Market Style is over the top beautiful this issue. Celeste Shaw's home!!! Love it.

Bethany said...

I still miss Country Home too but I've been enjoying my mom's copies of Flea Market Style. Glad the rain didn't get you too bad.