Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"You're My Blue Sky...

...you're my sunny day..." to finish the Allman Brothers lyric ... and that's exactly what our Allegan customers were enjoying over the weekend! What a golden season we've had this year, with few exceptions. Only one more to go. Allegan always goes by way too fast.
During the August show, early buy was something of a pleasant surprise, being super busy, unusual for this late in the season.
The show itself  was well attended and sales were steady, although we thought the great weather would draw a humongous crowd. Industrial was the top seller, with original paint close behind. Many dealers, like our neighbor Bottle Dan, whose booth is pictured, had begun to think about fall. Even though the summer has been mild, we're looking forward to the harvest season -- sweater weather, pumpkins, crows, owls and more. Look for some at our next show, this weekend's  Kane County. Check us out on Facebook later this week for a peek at what we are bringing. And click the link in our show sidebar more more information. See you there. xo

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