Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Burlington: Our Last Outdoor Show for the Season

TIME for BURLINGTON! We can't believe it -- the outdoor season is almost over. Come join us this Sunday for the Burlington (KY) Antique Show, one of our all-time favorite venues. Burlington is a hands-down awesome place to shop -- we are excited! And we'll have plenty to SELL as well! Lots of new furniture, industrial, containers, smalls, handmades and more. Show hours are 8 to 3, with Early Buy starting at 6 a.m. Can you say "road trip'?! See you there. xo -- Sandy and Joe. P.S. We are also restocking at both Midland and Mishawaka this week. Come see what's IN STORE as well. (:
GRAYSLAKE REPORT: Saturday was busy for us, starting with Early Buy. Lots of furniture found new homes, and we got to catch up with several customers we haven't seen for a bit. Sunday was quieter for Team Rhubarb, but I noticed that several of our neighbors were hoppin'! Felt like it was a good show. Many thanks to all who came out for it. Next month, look out! It's Holiday! xo

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