Friday, December 25, 2009

From My House to Yours

Some years ago, my mother-in-law inaugurated a holiday tradition: the Christmas Matrix. Now, before you start thinking about the movie, let me tell you up-front that it's a kind of fill-in-the-blank Christmas letter. The last category is "Wish to You," and all of us add ours to that year's list. Sometimes, my wish for others is "Happiness." Occasionally, it's "Joy." But most often, it's the thing I wish for myself, "Time." Time to spend with those you love. Time to work on relationships that are broken. Time for all the things you should do. Time for the things you want to do. And the little luxury of small amounts of time to do "nothing" -- breathe, dream, rest. For without that kind of time, all the other things are difficult to achieve.

So, on this joyous day, I hope you have lovely gifts -- for a well-chosen, well-wrapped gift is a very happy thing. I hope you can earnestly celebrate the anniversary of baby Jesus' arrival on earth -- for hope is just what means, then and all down the ages, 'til today, December 25, 2009.
And I wish you Time.
Merry Christmas, my friends, and lots of love! xo


anythinggoeshere said...

i know that this is a gift I gave myself this year... time away from the shows, the grind, the running, the creating.... time to find my center again. I wish you TIME also! However that looks for you! A very Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

Shannan Martin said...

So well said!

ps- I love Brennan Manning and have never read/heard of the book in your sidebar. Must read - asap!!


True North Interior Design & Antiques said...

thank you for such a wonderful thought about gifts and wishes. I gave Dan a gift certificate for "time". Written permision to take a day and do whatever he wanted, to just "be", to spend an entire day just curled up by the fire reading, napping - whatever. We both had said during a busy holiday season that that was all we wanted. My wish for you is that you get that too, Joan you too!

Anita said...

Time is so important- and CJ, that was an awesome idea. I think I need a a permission slip to miss out on something for my own reason- like missing the April show to celebrate Easter with my family or maybe May to be there to see my girls dressed up for Prom...not sure how that will all work out...but since I can't make those days longer, I guess that's what I need. Or maybe I need permission to go with PLAN B and do the show the next weekend at Grayslake thanks for letting us all realize that some things are more important than things...See ya this weekend!