Monday, December 14, 2009

Laura's Lovely Letters

Hand-painted letters by Barrington (IL) artist Laura Simpson have been a bestseller for rhubarb reign from the moment we began carrying them. Laura is amazing to me -- in addition to being one of the nicest people on the planet (I've never seen anyone who would go to greater lengths to be sure custom orders are delivered on time), all of her letters are done ENTIRELY free-hand. No tracing, no penciling in first, nothing. Whoa.

At Grayslake we added three new items to her roster:



and City Signs. Special orders are taken on these, so we can offer your hometown, neighborhood, street -- you name it. Another plus is that Laura uses scrap lumber -- an excellent upcycled feature -- and all pieces are offered in a number of font styles and sizes. Come see our complete collection this weekend at the Wheaton show.
Saturday's crowd at Grayslake was good, despite the colder temperatures, until about 3 pm when coincidentally, the Bears game started. We'll have to give the coach a call and see if he can push the start time back a little. Shouldn't be a problem. Sunday was mild, but the crowd was thinner, which is pretty typical. We sold a range of items --furniture, industrial, smalls, holiday. Tomorrow, we'll start work for Wheaton, our last show for this year. Come and see us! We'll be having a little holiday sale and celebration. xo
P.S. A couple of personal notes:
Kelly -- Thanks for coming to show me your photocollage! You looked adorable, by the way.
Beth -- Congratulations on Painted Lady's inclusion in the January issue of Lucky (p. 45)
Stacy and Emily -- Congratulations on Snug's inclusion in Daily Candy
Megan -- Be sure to check back Thursday; the post is dedicated to you, baby!


Annie said...

That's amazing she does that by free hand! I hope my sisters & I can make it up to norther IL to some of these shows. I hear lots about them, but we've only been as far north as Bloomington on our junking adventures :(

True North Interior Design & Antiques said...

We missed seeing you last weekend. It was good to stay home and not have to make the long trip. Dan & CJ

Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Thanks for your comments! And Annie -- you should DEFINITELY come see us at a show. xo

Journal Swag said...

Wow, free hand! They are gorgeous and that is unbelievable! What an artist!