Monday, March 29, 2010

Columbus, By the Numbers

What do 2 weeks of shopping, 60 hours of painting and 10 hours of driving equal? A successful appointment with one of our favorite Ohio customers, Katie Palmer, of SoBo Style!

We headed out with a full load bright and early Saturday morning, stopping in Indy to refresh our space at the Midland Gallery, pictured above. By mid-afternoon, we were back on the road, bound for Columbus. We arrived around 8 p.m. -- plenty of time to catch up, scope out Katie's remodeling (the workmen had just finished the first project, installing an upstairs bathroom) and enjoy a delicious (birthday, oops, did I say that out loud?!) dinner, "catered" by Katie's mom, Mary Kay, delivered to the door by her dad, Dan. How's that for hospitality?

The next morning, however, we were all business, actually getting to the store half-an-hour before the set-up crew was even scheduled to arrive. Katie's been super busy since our last appointment, including hosting a very successful Spring Arts Open House just the weekend before, which averaged a sale every three minutes over the course of her business day! There were lots of holes to fill. Here are just a few photos of what we brought. This lovely original paint dresser ended up near the front door, making the base for a charming spring vignette, set up by Katie's assistant, Heather Riegle.

This set of 4 cottage-style chairs with mint-condition vintage vinyl cozied right up to an industrial-style table Katie had just purchased at a recent show.

And this primitive farm table fit right into another spring display of pussy willows, nests and the cutest little clip-on birds you've ever seen! By the time noon arrived, everything was unloaded, and we were saying our good-byes -- until next month, when we'll be headed back to stock Katie up for her annual open house. If you'll be in Columbus any time soon, or if you're headed to the Springfield Extravaganza, SoBo is a must-see!
Tomorrow, we'll be getting ready for Kane. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous. Plan to come and see us. xo


alee said...

love sobo style! definetly a must see when I'm in the area :)

katie said...

photos are great and you and Joe are the BEST! Thanks so much for everything you two do for SoBo!

True North Interior Design & Antiques said...

It all looks so good, I want to go there!