Thursday, September 23, 2010

Incorporating Vintage; Allegan Sneak Peek

Fall is the perfect time to mix a little vintage into your seasonal decorating -- the colors are a natural -- so to speak! If you haven't tried this before or are looking for some fun ideas, let's break it down with a pro, Katie Palmer, owner of SoBo Style in Columbus, Ohio:

Check out Katie's fall table scape in the picture above; just a few ideas to borrow include vintage trays, which are great on a table or on the wall; "lost and found" items, such as the old clothes pins displayed in the glass jar; a cute old stand or bench to add color and height; vintage containers, such as the great old crock bowl. Just add some seasonal drieds or produce, such as
bittersweet or pumpkins, and you're on your way to a great fall look.

Vintage pieces also make great store displays. Time-worn elements lend an air of authenticity to any display -- kind of an instant old-world savvy. An added bonus is that many combine both form and function. For instance, this rolling factory cart was purchased from our booth at Midland by an Indy bistro owner. He's planning to use the cart to display seasonal produce, wheeling it outside when weather permits, to catch the eye of potential customers. What a great idea! This kind of piece would also be ideal for sweaters, books or other kinds or merchandise.
Send me a photo of what you decide to try! And don't forget that THE LAST ALLEGAN OF THE SEASON is this weekend. Plan now to join us and scoop up some vintage elements for your fall mix. We've got some excellent containers, terrific furniture and industrial pieces, lots of smalls and handmades, plus:

A big group of vintage signs;

An entire box of miniature industrial molds, which would be fabulous for projects or grouping in containers;

Two sisters and a brother -- vintage store and sewing mannequins, shown here before they get dressed for the party.
Plus so much more! Make plans now to join us. The weather is supposed to be glorious. Details are on the show sidebar. See you there. xo

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Anita said...

Hoping you have a beautiful fall day. See you next Saturday- we're INSIDE, neighbor:)