Monday, September 20, 2010

What's IN STORE Now? Sue Whitney at SoBo Style; John Derian at Target

SoBo Style Welcomes the Country Living Fair

Look who's coming to visit Katie -- SUE WHITNEY, of JunkMarket Style, one of the keynote speakers for this year's Country Living Fair! SoBo is hosting a pre-fair party and book signing this Thursday evening from 6 to 8 p.m. Be sure this event's on your fair agenda:

The fair weekend is always super busy for Katie, whose shop is located only 3 miles away. We were in town last weekend, helping her get ready. SoBo is a one-stop shop for all things fall -- adorable decorations, great containers, fabulous furniture and more. Plus, Katie's all restocked with new jewelry shipments, artwork, chalkboards and more. Don't miss it:

Click HERE for store hours, location and more information. Happy Shopping!

John Derian at Target

I'm a huge fan of New York collage artist John Derian and was thrilled to find out last year that he was joining the roster of artists who have designed collections for Target. Some of last year's pieces achieved almost mythical status, disappearing as soon as they hit the store shelves. So I was totally psyched to find out he was back again this year, with fabulous items like these two trays:

The collection includes mugs, notebooks, covered boxes, organizers, dishes, notebooks and more. I was bummed that there was no wrapping paper or tissue this year, but their marketing department never called to check with me on that. Oh, well. Check this stuff out -- the paper items are on the end caps near the stationery, while the dishes and organizers are in with the housewares. Happy hunting! xo


True North Interior Design & Antiques said...

You know Kerri Meng of French General did a post about John Derian a week ago or so - now I HAVE to go look at it all :> Such cool stuff! Someday soon I am GOING to also visit SOBO - you and they so inspire me!

ann at greenoak said...

MISSED YOU AT SPRINGFIeld....filled the truck then found a couple of huge thngs i really wanted......i dont know how to solve that one!!!
it was so much fun....

katie said...

Gosh Sandy! Thanks so much for mentioning our event on your blog! Wish you could be here for it!