Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's Always SUCH A PROJECT, Grayslake Report, Greenhouse Visit

It's Always SUCH A PROJECT: "Found" Memo Board:  Joe and I both love repurposing. So when we found a whole stack of wonderful industrial shelves, we immediately started listing the projects they could be used for. The simplest one -- a terrific magnet board. The existing holes add a great decorative element. All you need to add are the magnets. Come get yours!!

 GRAYSLAKE REPORT: Beautiful weather led to crowds both days. Saturday was steady and Sunday unusually busy. Our wonderful zinc-top table was actually the last piece to sell -- going home with a lucky gal to be used in her studio. Smalls and projects carried the day; still not selling a ton of furniture. Seem once again to be missing our retailers...but happy to see everyone else!

Yesterday was my bookkeeping day, but it was so lovely out, I decided to take a side trip at lunch time to Plymouth's lovely old greenhouse, rationalizing that I could pick up some plants for Allegan. I used to love to visit the greenhouse where we lived in Chicagoland. It was huge. And old. And famous -- it was featured in the movie "Flat-liners*." Plus it was right around the corner from our house. One of my favorite spring rituals was to pack my son, Jack, in his wagon and head over, wandering for as long as he could stand it down its beautiful rows of plants. We had quite a big yard then, and it was great fun to pick out new plants to try together. As fate would have it, when I was putting yesterday's choices in  the trunk, a young mom and her son pulled up, and began their search for the perfect wagon to pull down the rows. Every wagon her son tried was too big, so I hurried up so I could offer the one I had used -- a red Radio Flier, just the right size for small boys to pull. "Come on, Jack," she said as she thanked me for the wagon. Her son was Jack, too! Made me smile. There's just something wonderful about spring, wagons, flowers and boys!! xo

*P.S. Just a fun aside -- both Kevin Bacon and Kiefer Sutherland were involved in "Flat-liners," and were so kind to the kids in town, visiting the schools and answering questions. It was really fun to have Hollywood come to town!

Wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to our pals Anita, from the IOWA JUNK GYPSIES, and Jeanine, from CHIPPY-SHABBY, for their recent posts on Mishawaka Antiques. Both blogs are listed below on our blog roll -- just click to go and check them out! Many thanks to Diane Passi for pointing the listings out. xo


Down 50 Mom said...

Your greenhouse visit sounds like such fun! And how neat that you were able to help another Jack build his own memory of time spent at a greenhouse in the PERFECT wagon.

Did you ever get your bookkeeping tackled? I've been using and I've gotta tell you, I love it! Definitely makes it seem like less of chore.

Anita said...

Well, THANK YOU for letting me know about it. I am sure I will be using up all their Kleenex mid August as I come to terms with leaving Haleigh behind. Retail therapy....

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