Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Grayslake Preview; Kane Report; Harvest Fair Update

GRAYSLAKE PREVIEW: Joe and I were super excited by last month's record crowd at Grayslake. So with the promise of cooler weather and the popular show-within-a-show, Vintage Advertising, we hope each and everyone of you will be back! We've got some great furniture, awesome smalls, plus a boatload of seasonal projects, graphics and new jewelry displays. Make plans now to join us. Don't forget to print copies of the HALF-OFF coupon on this page, good for general admission, or show it on your phone at the door. If you need more info on the show, click the link on our show sidebar to visit the promoter's site.

KANE REPORT: Holiday weekends can be kind of funny. Between end-of-summer travel, parties and the weather -- you just don't know what to expect. But we were pleasantly surprised by Kane this past Labor Day weekend. There was a good crowd both days, lots of great deals for shoppers and reasonably cooperative weather. Customers did ask about the outside dealer count, which seemed off. Our guess is that travel and weather-worries had an effect on the number of outdoor vendors. However, several times over the summer, there have been record dealer counts (at least since the fairground renovations), so we are assuming this was just a blip, and everyone will be back in October -- especially if the forecast is good. Inside the buildings, however, there were tons of dealers, many with great prices, so I don't think anyone went away empty-handed. Handmades, smalls and graphics we our big sellers for the weekend.

HARVEST FAIR UPDATE: The clock is ticking down! Joe and I have both been trying to complete as many projects as possible over the last few weeks, so we can concentrate on presentation before we have to pack. One of the best things about doing a smaller, themed show is that getting ready is like Christmas -- we start pulling out all of the wonderful finds we have been setting back, and together, they have such an impact!  
Plus we get to do some kinds of things that our regular schedule doesn't allow -- sewing, jewelry and much more. Check back next week for more details -- and plan to come and see us:

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