Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Strange Obsessions: Office Supplies

For some strange reason, I love office supplies. And office supply stores. Almost as much as hardware and hardware stores. I like to think this is charming and quirky, but it makes me feel better that my BFF Tina shares this dark obsession. So, of course, I was beside myself with excitement when she informed me that Martha Stewart had teamed up with Staples and Avery to do a whole line of office supplies -- two entire rows of cute folders, notebooks, tags and labels. You must go right now and see for yourself! I had a really hard time making up my mind, but settled on what you see here. Can't wait for an excuse to go back...good luck that we are almost out of White-out....xo

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Vintage Country Girl said...

I also have a total obsession with office supplies. When I read that Martha had a line at Staples, I took my kids just to look. I circled the shelves about 4 times. Is this crazy? I didn't think so!