Monday, July 26, 2010

Allegan: Chez Dan and CJ

I was extra-anxious to finish with set-up at Allegan on Saturday, as the date for our long-awaited visit to fellow dealers Dan and CJ Zondervan's house in Grand Rapids had finally arrived. Located in a historic Grand Rapids neighborhhood, Dan and CJ's apartment is the first floor of a fabulous Victorian.

One step inside the front door and I totally understand why people hire an interior decorator like CJ! There is something wonderful to look at every time your turn around -- my favorite kind of space.

CJ's talents as a seamstress are also in full view, as are Dan's as a master carpenter and cabinet maker -- he completely renovated the spacious kitchen. Plus, there are rows and rows of decorating books; I could just move right in! (Maybe they wouldn't even notice me if I stayed very quiet.)

CJ's previous house had been featured in the Better Homes and Gardens book, Flea Market Decorating (pages 48-56), so you can take a better look. Be sure and stop and see them at Allegan next month; we're trying to lure them up to the Chicago shows again, maybe in the fall.

I should add that there was plenty of great conversation, dinner at the best burger-joint in town, and a quick peek at Zondervan's space in the Blue Door antique mall (front counter picture below), while they pulled a few items for Sunday. The mall was great -- you should definitely stop when you're in the area.

Back to real life! Sunday was the perfect show day weather-wise, and the crowd did not disappoint. Great to see so many of our favorite Michigan, Indiana and Illinois customers! We could have sold a whole truck load of small furniture, so that will be high on our shopping list for this week. I bought a couple of nifty industrial pieces that will form the basis for our Kane load. Check back a Friday for a preview! xo


Anita said...

I am hoping to go for a visit end of September!

the old white house said...

I just followed you over from thesavvycityfarmer and just had to when I saw your comment about Allegan. I live in Portland, MI. just outside of G.R. but hte crzy thing is I used to live in Plymouth about 10 years ago. I (we) still miss it and met some wonderful friends there. We haven't been back in awhile, do you have a store there? Anyway I love going to Allegan but this summer has been too busy so far, I will definitely put it at hte top of the list for next month and stop by your booth to see all of your treasures! love this post and now going back to see more...Theresa

Shannan Martin said...

Darn it! I missed you Sun. Will respond to your email shortly (and thank you for that!)

Dan and CJ rock!!! I don't know them well, but they appear to be kindred. How fun that you got to play in the real world with them!