Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I love a space -- any space -- that's full, but not cluttered. Enough to look at to keep things interesting, but enough white space to give the eye a chance to rest and make individual objects stand out. I was pleased with what we were able to do Saturday at Midland -- plenty to choose from, but enough room to breathe:

We're also still excited about anything deconstructed. Our last Midland settee sold right away to an artist for an installation. It will be interesting to see where this one finds a home. Deconstructed pieces have great sculptural presence, but can also be quite functional -- this settee would make a fabulous store display. At home, it would be terrific in an entry. I can even imagine it on the wall!

Speaking of on the wall, check out Midland's lobby -- love, love, love it! And this is only a portion of the display. The staff's creative ideas are just one of the many things we like about the gallery -- be sure to stop when you are in the area (details are listed on our show sidebar).

While there was no shortage of HOT and HUMID Sunday at Burlington, we ended up having a pretty good show. Plus, lots of fun stuff found its way into the van to come home with us -- a great dress form, more vintage maps, a giant pile of thin, oak drawers/trays that will make killer shadowboxes, frames and more. One item I ended up passing on was this whole box of old piano keys, although I did think really hard about them. I know there's a project in there somewhere...in fact, when I saw them, my inner 3-year-old went "Ooooo-ah." Remember that sound? The sound of discovery..."oooo-ah." And talk about deconstructed!

This week, we're getting ready for Allegan. Can't wait! Check back for a sneak preview and get the show on your weekend calendar. xo

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