Friday, July 23, 2010

Allegan: MapQuest and What's New Now

The school maps I bought last time we were at Burlington were snapped up right away, making me wish I'd bought more! So the first thing I did this month was to purchase all the ones the vendor had left -- come see them this weekend at Allegan!

We'll also have some lovely tin pieces;

Dress forms;

Cute smalls like this metal Conservo/pie safe,

(which would be excellent for storing vintage papers, office supplies or other treasures, and -- it's magnetic, you know who much I love that);

Plus this adorable vintage shopping cart, lots of new furniture, ephemera, graphics, hand mades and much more. The weather is supposed to be fabulous on Sunday -- sunny and only 79 degrees! WOW. Details are just a click away on the show sidebar. Don't miss this one! xo


savvycityfarmer said...

everything, as always sounds magical

your things are always full of fun and folly, clean, and imaginative!!

Shannan Martin said...

I will beeeeeee therrrrrrre!


Glenda said...

Wish I was going to be there. I can't get enough maps. If I could, I would have one in every room in my house. Came by way of The Flower Patch, love your blog.

Anonymous said...

u are so kind to post so good artical! i like it!............................................................

Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

To my friend with the four little boxes -- I can't figure out how to respond to you! I looked up your blog, but it appears to be in Chinese, and I can't get the translator to work. Don't mean to ignore you! Sorry. xo